The Chanel Pink Quiz – Can You Identify Them? 

We challenge you identify these four classic pink Chanel’s… can you?

Editor’s Update

The mystery surrounding the 22P and 22S light pink caviar classic flaps has taken on a life of their own. 22P launched in mid-January without the arrival of the caviar classic flaps in light pink.

We revealed below @karenzkloset’s gorgeous 22P light pink Classic Mini Handle in lambskin. But she is still awaiting the arrival of the caviar classic flap in light pink.

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photo courtesy @mywardrobediaries
front bag: 22S light pink caviar
back bag: 22P light pink caviar

Chanel’s 22S launched on March 10 without the arrival of the 22S light pink caviar classic flap. Pink lovers are anxious, frustrated and disappointed. Asia and Europe have recently received both light pink caviar flaps from 22P and 22S, but very few photos have surfaced. The US has not received either.

Europe received both the 22S and the 22P light pink caviar classic flap. Two of our community members were able to purchase one of them. Enjoy their photos below.

photo courtesy @mywardrobediaries
left: 22S light pink caviar
right: 22P light pink caviar

The general consensus is that the 22P light pink is lighter and brighter with white undertones. The caviar on the 22P light pink has a sheen to it.

The 22S light pink has slightly more pink pigment but also has beige undertones similar to the Rose Claire from 21C. The caviar on the 22S has a more matte finish than the 22P version.

There are comparison photos below of the 21C Rose Clair, the 22S light pink caviar classic flap, and the 22P lambskin light pink classic mini handle courtesy of @chanel.unicorn.lover.

There are rumors in the US that the 22P light pink classic flap has been canceled, that it is late due to shipment delays, or that it will arrive with the 22S classic flaps at the end of March or in April. No one at Chanel seems to know for sure.

All we can do is wait and hope that both arrive, that we are able to compare the two colors side by side, and that we can choose our favorite to purchase.

Our community member @mywardrobediaries had the unique opportunity to take comparison photos of both the 22P and 22S light pink caviar classic flaps. She is having a difficult time deciding which bag she prefers. @helenhandbag chose the 22P light pink medium classic flap. We are lucky to have their photos to enjoy.

photo courtesy @mywardrobediaries
left: 22P light pink caviar
right: 22S light pink caviar

photo courtesy @mywardrobediaries
top – 22P
bottom – 22S

photo courtesy @helenhandbag
22P light pink caviar

photo courtesy @helenhandbag
22P light pink caviar

photo courtesy @helenhandbag
22P light pink caviar

photo courtesy @chanel.unicorn.lover
top: 22S; left: 21C; right: 22P

photo courtesy @chanel.unicorn.lover
Rt: 22S; Lt: 22P; Top 21C

photo courtesy @lvcclux
22S light pink classic flap

photo courtesy @helenhandbag
22P Light Pink

Could the 22P or 22S be the perfect ballerina pink caviar classic flap we are all searching for? They are both beautiful. Which would you choose?

Original article: November 2021

The Pink Predicament: Buy the Chanel 22C Pink or Wait for the 22P Pink Classic Flap?

Another Chanel pink frenzy is brewing. For 2022, multiple rosy hues are on the way, with some already drifting in. What is a devout pink lover to do? Buy the 22C beautiful bright pink classic flap arriving this month or wait for the 22P light pink classic flap?
**(for those wondering in 22C, the C stands for cruise and in 22P, P stands for printemps (spring in French))**

Remember the 21C Rose Clair classic flap frenzy? Fortunately for me, a customer returned one to my SA and she hid it from the other SA’s until I arrived. Yes, I bought it. Others weren’t so lucky and are still looking for this bag on the resale market. Some even contact known owners and solicit a purchase. 

And then there is the 21S Rose Clair Lilac in caviar that drove pink fans crazy. PurseBop managed to get one of the few in this hue available in her Chanel boutique. 

These 2021 pink flaps sold out before they ever hit the boutique floor. 

L: 21C Rose Claire Chaud caviar small classic flap, R: 21S Rose Claire Lila caviar medium classic flap @karenzkloset

L: 21C Rose Claire Chaud caviar small classic flap, R: 21S Rose Claire Lila caviar medium classic flap @karenzkloset

Update Nov 28th – here’s the comparison photo we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s look at how the popular pinks of 2021 compare to the new 22P light pink. Here is last year’s 21C Rose Clair Blush and 21S Rose Clair Lilac compared to the new 22C pink. 

L to R: 21C Rose Clair, 22C Light Pink, 21S Rose Clair Lilac @karenzkloset

The Renewed Pink Frenzy for 2022

The 22C pink classic seems to be in transit and on delivery trucks for most stores as we type this. However, New York City received at least one and our PB community member @brooklyn_chic nabbed it. It is gorgeous and oh so tempting. 

But wait there’s more… What about the 22P light pink coming? Do you hold out for that one? Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it… or even the 22C. Remember the long waitlist earlier this year?! And with all of Chanel’s new rules, just how much of a VIP do you have to be to be offered both the 22C and 22P? Assuming, of course, that you want the pair.

Chanel small classic caviar in 22C pink @brooklyn_chic

Chanel small classic caviar in 22C pink @brooklyn_chic

@karenzkloset with the new small size 22P Light Pink


Colorwise, the 22C brighter pink hue resembles a strawberry milkshake. A true pink. Beautiful on it’s own, but perhaps hard to match. Naturally, it can be paired with black, white, and navy ensembles. But what about with other pink items in your wardrobe? Will it clash or complement? Hard to really know without seeing.

The 22P pink is a softer, lighter shade of pink. And although we don’t have a photo to share yet… we know that it will be a soft baby pink, a very feminine, romantic, calming shade of pink. 

Editor’s Update: 
For classic flaps there will be a caviar that’s bright similar to the neon pink of 21S – a gorgeous color (NG 753) and a very light pale pink (NG 750). Both great pinks the first being very ‘Barbie- esque’ and the other very light.

If that’s not enough there’s another light pink in 22S (NH 620) also called light pink but looks darker than the NG 750 of 22P.

Then there is another pink NH 621 and Dark Pink NH 622 coming.

All these pinks make our head spin, Lol.




Personally, I prefer the lighter pink colors. My newest Birkin 25 in Rose Sakura will forever be my holy grail bag. The Chanel 21C Rose Clair Chaud and 21S Rose Clair Lila, both light pinks, are easy to grab and go. But when I look at the photos of the new 22C pink I am drawn to it too. It teases me, tempts me, makes me want to add it to my collection.

L to R: 21S Rose Claire Lila caviar medium classic flap, Rose Sakura swift Birkin 25, 21C Rose Claire Chaud caviar small classic flap @karenzkloset

Rose Sakura swift Birkin 25, 21S Rose Claire Lila caviar medium classic flap, 21C Rose Claire Chaud caviar small classic flap @karenzkloset

Then, just one thought of the buttery soft 22P light pink and it draws you in. But is another light pink classic flap redundant?

I can hear my 23 year old daughter saying “not another pink bag mom! How many can you have in one collection?” To which I reply, there is always room for another. 

Chanel medium classic caviar in 22C pink @ariella_mom




Chanel small classic caviar in 22C pink @brooklyn_chic

Making this all the more difficult is Chanel’s vexing sales strategy. Prospective buyers must join a waitlist for a shade of pink never seen in person. Maybe you caught a glimpse on a tiny square circulated on social media. Perhaps it is a desired shade of pink. Perhaps not. We just can’t know. 

If offered the bag when it arrives, the buy or pass decision must be made in minutes. No comparison shopping. Once you pass, it’s gone –  offered to the next person on the list. 

Of course, all of this presupposes that you are a VIP Chanel customer with a SA that will put you high enough on the waitlist to even be offered the limited number of bags that arrive. And that, by the way, is for the ‘privilege’ of paying nearly $10,000!

Which brings us back to… didn’t we say we would not buy any more Chanel classic flaps after this last price increase? Apparently, outrage can be short-lived. Especially when it comes to pink!

Chanel small classic caviar in 22C pink @brooklyn_chic

In More News:

Also, it has come to our attention that you may want to know how the 21C Rose Claire Blush and the new 21C Light Beige compare. The new light beige has a hint of pink, but is still a lovely nude. Although it appears close in color to the 21C Rose Clair it is more of a nude beige than a pink blush. Clearly a beautiful classic flap on its own. 

21C Rose Claire (left) versus 22C Light Beige (right) @sophiecurates @thestylishfreelancer

Top: 22C Light Beige, Front: 21C Rose Clair @sophiecurates @thestylishfreelancer

We love when community members get inspired to join in on the comparing fun. Here we have a few more informative comparisons for our pink lovers.

Top: Chanel 21S Rose Claire Lilac, new Chanel 22C Light Pink flap, 5P Pink epsom Elan constance @ariella_mom

Don’t miss the furry oran, lol @ariella_mom

Adding Hermes Rose d’ete into the mix just for fun @ariella_mom

Never say never… These are the questions swirling around our heads as we await the arrival of the new crop of perfect pink bags for 2022. Let us know what you think.

Which pink classic flap do you think will be the perfect pink bag of 2022?

Love @karenzkloset for PurseBop

Published: March 25th, 2021
Updated: April 6th, 2022

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