Hermès Reveal: When Your Hombre (Mr PurseBop) Surprises You With Ombré for Your Birthday

Longtime PurseBop followers know that July is my favorite month. Summer weather, outdoor parties, vacations, and wedding celebrations – lots of them – mark a wonderful season. Beyond that though, July also is the month of my birthday and wedding anniversary, exactly one week apart.

Many years ago, it became something of a tradition for me to reveal what I then called a “Birthday Birkin”. That’s not to say that I would receive a Birkin offer every July. Rather, I would hold back and save a reveal from the months prior to share and savor on my special day.

Last year at this time I revealed my Nata Birkin Sellier 25, but, in fact, I had received it in February. Also, last year I spontaneously shared live the unfolding of an anniversary Kelly. Remember the surprise tri-colored K25 in Chai orchestrated by my hubby and Hermès sales associate?

Manifesting a Creamy Hermès Birkin for My Birthday
Epic Hermès Anniversary Gift: When Your Hubby Conspires With Your Sales Associate

The Birthday Birkin: Nata Sellier B25 PHW

The anniversary surprise. Tri-colored Chai/Mauve Sylvestre/Lime Epsom Kelly 25 PHW

Every year the situation and circumstances are unique and I thought I had this one all planned out. Albeit a little late in revealing my mini mushroom Kelly from Paris, I decided to skip my birthday this year (and maybe not add that extra candle too, LOL). Instead, I would jump straight to my anniversary. I’ve been saving something very special for that occasion since around Valentine’s Day: an unrevealed box that flew home from New York City with me and Mr. PB on Super Bowl Sunday. See details here. 

From a publishing and reveal standpoint, the plan was that in late June I would wrap up a three part Parisian series from my March Paris Fashion Week trip. I know, I know, horribly delayed as I just shared Part II last Sunday, merely a few days before my birthday. Better late than never.

Part I : PurseBop Shares Tips for Traveling Internationally with Valuable Bags and Luggage

Part II : The Hermès Reveal – the Mini Mushroom that Made Its Way Home From Paris

Part III : Unwritten, lol. 

For my birthday, the reveal would be my new mini Chanel pearl 22. You may recall that I purchased the plain black version during my March Paris trip. I (and many in the PurseBop team) fell hard for the bag. Quickly, however, I realized that the only thing missing was the pearls. Finally able to secure the pearl version, I would do a quick IG reveal and move on since I have shared countless updates on my love for this cutie.

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I successfully managed the Chanel reveal but amidst a whirlwind of unanticipated extra excitement (and trust me, I’m not complaining). It involved a certain text from my hubby at approximately 4:30 pm on July 13th.

My decision to immediately share the text with you in real time not having a clue as to what was in the box was purely impulsive. Granted, sharing it with you live is exhilarating but it also puts pressure on me to provide real-time updates as the story unfolds. Nonetheless, no time for contemplation now—as they say, “the cat was out of the bag.” 

By late evening last Thursday, I still didn’t have any additional information about delivery. From this, I could only presume that whatever had transpired between my sales associate and Mr PB must have occurred during the latter part of that day. As a result, most likely the bag was not going to be shipped until Friday.

Of course, this is all pure speculation… Neither hubby nor sales associate shared any info with me. I’m convinced they must be having a good chuckle keeping me guessing and happily anxious.

Dialogue with my sales associate: 

On Friday morning I was informed that the box would arrive Saturday morning between 9am-12pm. Therein lies a clue: the fact that it was being sent through FedEx evinced that we weren’t dealing with an expensive exotic. Remember, shipment of Miss Mimosa required Ferrari service.

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So, rather than narration,  let’s go through the timeline.

Friday, July 14th morning:

I find out via a forwarded FedEx email from Mr PB that the package has been dispatched from NYC and is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, July 15th before noon. At the time, I was over the moon that I would not need to wait until Monday!

I immediately reached out to my regular FedEx delivery person to see whether she would be working on Saturday so I could get a heads up before delivery. She was not and did not know who would cover the Saturday route. 

Friday, July 14th afternoon:

 My originally planned birthday reveal of the mini Chanel 22 with pearls went forward. I revealed it on IG only, sans article, but with a reel that cleverly shared the FedEx delivery update. 

Friday, July 14th evening:

Mr. PB and I host a cocktail dinner party with approximately 40 fun friends on the condo building terrace. The day passed quickly with an extra bouncy step because the next morning was going to be epic. 

Saturday, July 15th morning:

Exhausted and a bit hungover, I made my way down to the lobby with a half sheet of birthday cake, encouraging the front door staff to keep a lookout for my expected morning FedEx delivery that would require signature. 

I made a haphazard attempt at working out but sincerely I was more focused on the time. 

Saturday, July 15th at 11:30am:

Now legitimately concerned with no word from the lobby or text regarding a package delivery. I looked up the forwarded FedEx email to track the package.

OMG, was this really happening?! 

Saturday, July 15th at 4pm:

I publish one of our personal favorite and anticipated articles of the year.

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We attended a lovely patio party that evening where I debuted my Mushroom mini Kelly. 

Sunday 16th afternoon:

During the day, I was in touch with my SA and tried to fish for info without success. Her lips were sealed. There wasn’t anything that could be done except wait until Monday, ughh. For some fun though I shared this poll on IG asking community members what they thought my gift might be. Clearly the winning votes pointed towards a Kelly Elan or another mini Kelly. 

My SA had me really thinking now. What could possibly be better than these options. I quickly realized I had not included a Constance in my poll and so my guess shifted from a Kelly Elan to a Constance… maybe even in rose pop. 

Waiting until Monday was no easy task and presented scheduling and delivery problems… 

I had to leave home at 9:15am with my builder and designer and head downtown to make final kitchen cabinet selections. This appointment could not be altered and would take up the better part of the entire day. As if that’s not enough, that evening, a close group of girlfriends had planned dinner and drinks to celebrate my birthday. 

Mauve Sylvestre mini K20 in epsom.

Bellevue, Chicago.

Monday, July 17th at 12pm:

FedEx attempted the delivery, but wanted the signature of the recipient only, that is Mr PB. Package was returned to the station. 

There wasn’t much I could do except wait. Again. Knowing my schedule on Tuesday was uncertain, I changed the delivery option on the FedEx portal. The safest choice was for me to go to the FedEx hub and pick up the package myself. Of course, I called first to confirm that I could sign and pick up the package instead of Mr PB. The representative confirmed I could, but also advised me to take along a utility bill or checkbook showing both our names with the same address. Just in case. 

Tuesday, July 18th at 5am:

I wake up exuberant and energetic realizing that in just a few hours I would be at the FedEx hub and bring this birthday surprise home. 

However, opening it will have to wait until Mr PB arrives home. Fortunately Tuesday (today) is not his long day. 

Tuesday,July 18th late morning:

Trip to the Fedex hub proves successful. Notice the SATURDAY delivery tape draping the peculiar shaped box. Any new guesses now in light of the odd shape?

So, here I am sitting with an unopened box that I have now anticipated for five days. Not only have I survived this suspense but I have written this reveal before even knowing what I am revealing.  And you, PurseBop readers, are right there with me in real time. 

FYI : I will share the reveal (updates) right here. It will not be a new article as I will be refreshing this exact page with photos of whatever it is -and whatever words come out of me, lol. Oh and hopefully tonight or tomorrow early am, I promise. 

Love your PurseBop,

Part II: OMG, The Reveal (July 19th)

My heart was racing in a way that was somewhat unfamiliar. After all this hype and anticipation, what if it wasn’t something that I absolutely adored? Although I have complete faith in my sales associate, there’s always that “what if…” sort of feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

Mr. PurseBop and I set off to the terrace at around 7pm with the big box in his arms, planning to arrive just as the sun began its descent. With friends coming over in 30 mins – there wasn’t much time. 

Quickly locating the spot with the best lighting, I gave Mr. PurseBop a brief tutorial on video filming. After all, I needed to be sure he captured everything properly and completely. He has many many talents, but photography just isn’t one of them, lol. 

I opened the shipping box and inside was a meticulously wrapped smaller Hermès box. As the external box suggested, the size wasn’t at all familiar. It looked more like an Hermès shoe box than one for a bag. The proportions seemed closest to a Kelly Pochette, albeit bigger. My heart continued to pound, perhaps even more so since the box shape did not reveal its contents.

Not quite trusting Mr. PurseBop’s camera skills or the lighting, I checked his video footage before moving on. I decided it would be best to capture the next part indoors with brighter lights. We made a quick shift, and I took a few photos of the box within a box. 

This was it. With Mr. Pursebop on camera, I began to untie the ribbons. For me, this next part is always somewhat of a blur. It’s that moment, when all things around you sort of vanish into the backdrop, and for those few seconds, every emotion is laser focused with the anticipation of that first glimpse. 

OMG, OMG – are you ready, folks?! 

I gasped, literally. 

It really is better than I – and everyone who guessed – imagined. Definitely impossible to have suspected this. 

Call it wishful thinking, manifestation, or just luck, but my lizard dreams did come true. 

Just last week, as I revealed Miss Champignon, I wrote about how in March I had hoped for a new lizard treasure. 

This one though is so much more than that. It’s the Kelly Danse in ombré lizard!!!! OMG!

hermes ombre kelly danse strap

One of the less seen styles, this seems to be the updated version. Created in very limited quantities I am told, just a few would arrive in the United States. Just a lizard Kelly Danse would be rare enough, but really — OMBRÉ LIZARD!!! 

hermes ombre kelly danse strap

The petite size, lightweight nature, and versatility of ways to wear this Kelly Danse are likely to make it a travel favorite. It’s right up my alley of mini/small sized bags. Holding it in my hands just as it is, it feels so royal and elegant as a clutch. Plus, the optional adjustable strap will accommodate cross body, over the shoulder and waist wear. The possibilities feel endless. 

hermes ombre kelly danse strap

I cannot wait to take her out, shoot detailed comparison photos, explore the ways to carry Miss Lizzie, and share it with all of you. That’s going to take me a day or two. But I couldn’t delay this promised instantaneous reveal. Stay tuned to @pursebop for all the video footage where the Miss Lizzie really comes to life. 

To say I’m over the moon doesn’t do the bag, Mr PurseBop, or my SA fairy justice. It’s a privilege to receive such a special piece – one beyond my wildest exotic dreams.

Thank you for sharing the joy and journey of this exhilarating birthday surprise! 

Oh and Mr. PurseBop — Happy Anniversary ❣️ 

Update July 22nd

As the fairy dust settles, I finally managed a few minutes to photograph some comparison photos of the ombré lizard Kelly Danse (new version), to the Kelly Pochette and the Mini Kelly II. Its proportions are simply magnificent. It stands tall like a Sellier Kelly, very structured yet comfortably fits an iPhone 14 max, sunglasses, passports, calvi and keys.

It has presence but still an evening sized bag perfect for cocktail events, weddings and evenings out. The exotic nature of mine makes it feel dressier but if one had this shape Kelly Danse in a regular leather it would be an excellent daily use bag.

I will address the straps and the various ways it can be worn in a different article. I took these photos on the terrace and did not have the strap or the base leather piece that would add even more structure, stability and width to the bottom.

I am seriously considering buying a Hermès necklace to make a short chain strap – perhaps the length of a desordre or the new Kelly Elan. Stay tuned as I investigate options :)

The models with Miss Lizzie are my Mushroom Mini Kelly 20 in chèvre and my Vert Fizz Pochette swift.

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20 hermes ombre kelly danse strap

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20 hermes ombre kelly danse strap

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20 hermes ombre kelly danse strap

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20 hermes ombre kelly danse strap

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20 hermes ombre kelly danse strap

The added leather piece would further widen the base and give it more structure and that loved Kelly shape. Also note the configuration of the side sangles.

Note the Kelly 25 side sangle configuration compared to the new Kelly Danse. It is the same design.

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20

hermes ombre lizard Kelly Danse comparison Kelly Pochette vert fizz swift mushroom chèvre Mini Kelly 20

Published: July 18th, 2023
Updated: August 16th, 2023

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