Louis Vuitton Price Increase 2018

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Don’t Cry for Hermès – Record Profitability in 2017

Hermes recorded record profitability in 2017 with strong growth in sales revenues. Asia (not including Japan) continued to lead geographically heading into 2018.

Chanel Pricing News Bulletin

PurseBop is here to keep you up-to-date with all of the recent Chanel price increases in one convenient place!

Is the Worst Over or Yet to Come for Tiffany and Co?

Luxury brands are caught in the struggle of rapidly changing times. Close examination of jewelry giant Tiffany and Co and their strategy to keep up.

Hermès Revenues Dip with Low Stock

A shortage in inventory in late 2017 caused Hermes fourth quarter revenues to drop, says the Company. Learn how Hermes plans to get the stock and sales on track.

Does Hermès Cheapen Its Brand With The Sales?

Close look at the effect of the Hermès sales on the exclusivity of the brand. Understanding this effect on the longtime Hermès collector vs a new customer.

Hermes Prices 2018 Update: UK First To Go Up

Update June 4th, 2018 Read: How Much Does a Birkin Cost in Paris?

New Birkin Breaks Auction Record

A Non-Himalayan Birkin set off a bidding war in Paris and broke records. What do you think of this shimmering beauty?

Big Spenders: Americans Buy the Most Expensive Bags

@andaslife Exciting new data has come to light for our fashionistas who

Chanel Defies Gravity – US Prices Go Up

We’ve got important news – Chanel has officially increased prices in the US. See the new prices, comparison, and handbag math.

Why We Buy Bags

Find out the real psychology behind why we buy bags!

Breaking Handbag News: World’s Most Expensive Bag is Now for Sale

Photo courtesy: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty via The Guardian Dear PurseBop Family, We have

Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Gucci Among Top Global Brands of 2017

@littlethingsandnotsolittle Have you ever been curious about how Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada,

London Calling: PurseBop’s New European Correspondent

Photo courtesy: Dear PurseBop Family, Hello lovelies. If you don’t know me

Barneys’ Strategy for the Turbulent Luxury Market

Department stores are falling victim to a declining luxury market. Read about Barneys plan to stay afloat.

What Were The Top Luxury Brands For Q2?

Photo courtesy: Fashionmythology.com The luxury fashion business can oftentimes feel like a

Tough Summer for UK Fashion Market

We’ve been closely following the British market ever since the UK voted

LV Follows Major E-Commerce Trend

Two weeks ago, we reported that Gucci embraced e-commerce in China. Now,

Amazon Prime Wardrobe: An Online Shopping Revolution?

Will Amazon Prime Wardrobe change your shopping game? Should luxury brands and department stores consider Amazon a threat?

Luxury in the Age of Millennials

The luxury market is finally on the right track for growth…but can it evolve to suit Millennial and Gen-Z consumers?

The UK’s Currency Woes Continue 

The British Pound takes a hit in the wake of political turmoil. What effect does this have on travelers shopping abroad?

Chanel Increases Prices in Europe 2017

Should you still buy a Chanel Classic Flap in Europe? Big financial

Birkin Breaks Records: Sells for 380,000 at Christie’s Auction

@pursebop shared this photo on @boptalk just hours before the live auction

Prada’s Plummeting (but Recovering?) Profits

Prada is, naturally, a household name. But the house’s widespread fame hasn’t

Burberry Finds Success in “See Now, Buy Now”

The classic British fashion house updates its “fashion calendar” and is duly rewarded.

More Birkins, More Revenue (For Now?)

Is Hermès’ early 2017 success here to stay? Is this increased leather production going to affect the exclusivity of the treasured Birkin and Kelly?

More Birkins Means Higher Earnings?

We explore Hermes earnings and strategy in light of the current global economy. What do these shifts mean for the Hermes collector versus the company?

Is Hermes Still Playing Hard To Get?

We are forced to take a close look at the shift in Hermes strategy that luxury analyst, Luca Solca claims in his recent Business of Fashion article.

Luxury Retail Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Can luxury brands evolve and keep pace with the digital world?

Hermes Increases Prices 2017

Close look at Hermes price increases in the UK and Europe 2017. We examine the comparative handbag math for the Birkin 35 in both zones.


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