Dear PurseBop: When Does Hermès Restock Its Website?

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This week we highlight several of your questions. Read below for information about when Hermès restocks its website, what happens if you reject your Special Order, is it easier to be offered a second quota bag at FSH, and the seasonal Hermès colors for 2023.

Dear PurseBop: When Does Hermès Restock Its Website?

Hermè has grown exponentially over the past few years. The website is a great place to view the items that are available in store and online for the present season. It is also a great place to get inspiration and decide what is missing in your wardrobe that you may want to ask your SA to get for you.

However, like all things Hermès, the website is a bit of a mystery. At certain times of the day there is often many non quota bags listed for sale. But when you attempt to add the item to your cart it says, “oops the item you requested is unavailable.” Although this can be frustrating, read Dear PurseBop’s answer here to the mystery of the website which seems to be on many people’s mind.

photo courtesy @hermes_bonbon

Dear PurseBop: What Happens If I Reject My Special Order Because I Do Not Like My Choices?

Being offered the opportunity to place a Special Order bag at Hermès is akin to winning the purse lottery. Very few get this opportunity. But if you should get the exclusive offer be prepared to experience many emotions.

You will of course feel elated, special, and on cloud 9. But you may also experience confusion and uncertainty over which bag to choose, what colors and leather to pick, and what hardware is your favorite. Your SA can assist you with the process and even help with your choices. They have done this many times.

But what about the waiting period. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to receive your Special Order bag. Although it usually takes approximately a year. Exotic bags seem to take longer and Chèvre leather typically takes longer than Epsom leather.

See what Dear PurseBop has to say about the vast array of emotions experienced during the waiting period for your Special Order bag to arrive here. 

photo courtesy @orange.affairs

Dear PurseBop: What Are The Hermès Seasonal Colors for 2023?

The new Hermès seasonal colors were recently released and they are bright, beautiful, and full of life. There are also many new choices in the gray and white family for the neutral lovers as well. And, of course, Hermès has brought back several old favorites. There is sure to be one or more you will want to add to your wishlist this season. Read Dear PurseBop here to get all the new colors we will be seeing this year.

limoncello picotin | 2032 new hermes colors

Limoncello Picotin on display at Hermes Madison

Dear PurseBop: Is It Easier to Be Offered a Second Quota Bag at FSH on a Subsequent Visit?

Hermès is often a mystery to all of us. Changing the “rules”, enforcing the two quota bag a year rule by globalizing the computer systems, building more boutiques and factories to handle the unprecedented demand for its products, and maintaining its allure which keeps us all coming back for more, are all reasons we keep coming back for more.

Getting your first or subsequent quota bag from Paris (or your home store) remains extremely difficult. So many things must align including the relationship with your SA, the amount of inventory, the choices on your wishlist, possibly the amount of your pre-spend, as well as luck and timing. For these reasons, it is always difficult to predict. Check out the advice offered by Dear PurseBop here on this popular subject.

photo of @mitchthebagboss with Hermès artist @dimitrirybaltchenko

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Published: March 8th, 2023
Updated: March 9th, 2023

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