Fendi Super Sizes Karlito

When Fendi releases anything with the name “Karlito”, PurseBop’s #FendiFever reignites all over again. Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Karlito family…

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Look who made their maiden voyage to Mumbai with me? Photo taken in the PurseBop suite at the Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai.

Karlito gets an upgrade, and he’s bigger and bolder than ever!

Karl Lagerfeld’s furry imitation “Karlito” is not afraid to make his presence known. Even in the mini Karlito version, the Karlito bag charm has out of this world character and a chic swag. Aside from bag charm form, in the Fendi Karlito Capsule collection, Karlito’s face graced shoes, bags, iPhone cases and even clothing. While it’s true, #KarlLovesFendi, we’ve come to love Karlito even more.

The Karlito Kraze still hasn’t slowed down yet! As a part of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Fendi released a “Super Karlito” bag charm.  Do you remember the Fall/Winter 2014 Fendi show, where model Cara Delevigne toted a gigantic Karlito charm down the runway and we all just looked on in amazement? Now once again we have the privilege of letting Monsieur Karlito take up some major real estate on our bags. Unlike the original and mini Karlito bag charms, the Super Karlito has a huge fox fur pom body with the monogram ‘K’ and lambskin leather Karl Lagerfeld head. It comes in various colors like white, red, black, and green. Super Karlito retails from Neiman Marcus for $1,450.


Good morning Mumbai. Super Karlito explores the Oberoi Hotel grounds.


Afternoon dip in the ‘blue pool’.


Followed by some much needed sun!


A little cappuccino while PurseBop prepares the #HermesHorseExhibition story.

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Evening jazz at the Oberoi.

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There’s something very special in the Hermes air!

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Signing out from Mumbai,
PurseBop & #SuperKarlito


Super Karlito adoption took place at Fendi DLF Emporio, New Delhi.


The PurseBop/Karlito family awaits the newest member back in Chicago. Featured bag: Mini Hermes Birkin 25 in Bubblegum Pink.


Super Karlito in White via Neiman Marcus


Karlito family portrait. Story Here







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 8Cheers to the new arrival! Story Here

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