Rock Out with Fendi’s Studded Karlito!

At this point, Karlito is one of PurseBop’s unofficial mascots. PurseBop is such a Karlito fan that we shared the love by giving away a Fendi Karlito iPhone case for the @PurseBopPicks 100k Giveaway. Fendi has showcased Karlito in almost every form ranging to Super Karlito, Mini Karlito, to even Sneaker Karlito.

Luckily, Fendi is fueling our Karlito obsession in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection as well with all new Karl gear. Get ready for a little rock & roll because Karlito is all studded out now in new charms, bags, and accessories.


Check out the latest Karlito pieces below…

Karlito Studded Leather and Fur Charm – $1,110 via Saks Fifth Avenue


Karlito Studded Leather and Mink iPhone 6 Case – $600 via Neiman Marcus

Karlito Studded Python, Caiman, and Mink Zip Pouch – $2,600 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Karlito Studded Leather and Mink Crossbody – $1,600 via Neiman Marcus