The Birthday Birkin: Part One

The story of the Birthday Birkin is somewhat unconventional and has a tipsy turvy tale as to how she ultimately made her way to me.

I am going to share the story in snippets of detail from my IG @pursebop


This last May, PurseBop was in Montreal to celebrate the birthday of a very dear friend. This photo was taken outside the Notre Dame Basilica with my sister’s Goyard tote, the birthday girl’s ostrich Birkin & my Louis Vuitton petite malle.


Montreal celebrations around the clock. The gang at Bier Market. Note the Hermes shopping bags in the scene…


Montreal eats and treats were divine! At one of my favorite spots, Jardin Nelson.


One of my first stops was Hermes Montreal where I was able to pick up a few little orange treats including my So Black Rodeo Charm and the RGHW Blue Colvert CDC. My sister fell in love with the Blue Electric Evelyn but needed a night to sleep over it. We left with my accessories and looked forward to visiting the following day,  and of course, hoped that a delivery might arrive with new treasures. Pic of my sisters tote with my charm and CDC in the following picture.


Delightful surprises do happen at Hermes! I was thrilled to bring home the So Black rodeo charm.


Montreal nights…

Strolling in Old Montreal…

I’ll share a little more detail here… it was my sister’s first real Hermes experience so it was very special to be able to share my opinions, knowledge and well-formed loyalty with the brand. We spent a considerable amount of time with our lovely SA to go through everything. I gave her an overview of all my H obsessions, wish lists, and dream baggies, LOL.

The day of departure I received a call in my hotel from our SA to check in on my sisters thoughts about the BE  (blue electric) beauty. She also slipped in that she might have a surprise for us when we came in. “a surprise….eeekkksss!” I hustled over to my sister’s suite to share the exciting news…I’ll preface that I was Hermes content as I had just opened and revealed my Anemone Kelly (aptly named Miss BopTalk) just the day before in Ottawa during the tulip festival.

Let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane below…


Miss BopTalk makes her debut at the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, Canada.


One of my favorite pictures from that series…


In her full glory, outside the gates of the Ottawa Parliament building.

The magic of an Hermes Birkin reveal began promptly at the boutique. I was so excited for my sister as it was her first experience. Could this possibly be her first B? We were both so captivated by the unwrapping and anticipation of what we were about to see that I forgot to document any of the unveiling! Also, to be honest, at no point was I contemplating another bag for myself so soon, if what was to be unsealed was in fact beautiful, it would be my sister’s first B. I would just be lucky enough to share the moment with her. Since, her birthday was just around the corner the timing couldn’t be better.

The birthday Birkin was magnificent, saturated with deep vivid color, togo leather, the perfect size for her first B… and GHW to boot! We were smitten!

It was a mighty fine afternoon… a blue electric Evelyn & a beautiful Birkin all in one day! Hermes dreams do come true.


Once the  Birkin hypnosis broke, I took my traditional shot to have her document her IG account.


We literally skipped our way back to the Hotel posing for pictures along the way.


What PurseBop did not know during this escapade was that Mr. PurseBop played the lead role! Mr. PurseBop had plotted this Birthday Birkin right from the start. If the surprise bag was to my liking, LOL – it was to be secretly saved for me ;)


The next I heard of the mystery B was on the eve of my birthday…

The story to be continued tomorrow…

Love your PurseBop

Published: August 2nd, 2015
Updated: September 23rd, 2015

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  • I´m so sorry I´m so late to read this love… I´ve been dying wanting to come to the computer to read it (love reading your stories on the computer because the pics are bigger), but it´s all been so crazy lately that I´ve barely been on IG. Anyways… this is such an exciting story, I´ve read it from top to bottom twice hahaha now that the excitement caused by part I has calmed down, moving on to part II ;)