The Birthday Birkin: Part Three

A celebration has been called to order!!!

This past week has been a whirlwind of Birkin celebration and reveal fun! If you missed out on all the action, feel free to explore the posts below in honor of #PurseBopsBirkinWeek.

Now, for the matter at hand…

In Part 1 of the Birthday Birkin story you got a replay of how Lady Vermillion B came into the picture during PurseBop’s time in Montreal. In Part 2 , you got a full rundown of all of her specs. Lady Vermillion B has indeed been the lady of the hour. Now that she’s gracefully presented herself to us, we must formally welcome her to the PurseBop clan with many bells and whistles.

Lady Vermillion B radiates charisma and was well received at the PurseBop palace from the very beginning. She became fast friends with our bubbly, outgoing Delvaux Rose Indien Mini Brillant from the FW ’15 collection. Princess Brillant loved outings with Lady Vermillion B, and they truly made the perfect duo. Lady B has the perfect amount of space to carry a mini, and Princess Brillant felt right at home with her.

Even though, Lady Vermillion B quickly hit it off with Princess Brillant. She still had a few more hearts to win over. Lady B had yet to meet Miss Boptalk. She heard through the grapevine that BopTalk was the biggest buzz at the PurseBop palace. Miss BopTalk had many adoring boppers following her, and she was always full of good conversation and advice. Lady B was a little intimidated to meet her. However, Princess Brillant assured her that Miss BopTalk was the most open, fun spirited girl around and set up a picnic date for them all. At the lunch, the girls bonded instantly and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. At one point Miss BopTalk and Lady B debated about the age old Birkin versus Kelly dilemma, but realized their differences and common Hermes love made them both great. The evening ended in many laughs and hugs.

It was clear Lady Vermillion B was the perfect fit for the PurseBop family!

That wraps up PurseBop’s Birthday Birkin reveal! Hope you enjoyed meeting Lady Vermillion B. More Hermes news and reveals always to come.

Love PurseBop

Published: August 9th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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