The Hermes Trio Adventures Part III – An Afternoon Stroll

The Hermes trio is fresh off the Triple Crown races and college adventures at the University of Chicago stadium. Before the girls returned to their hectic lives in the PurseBop world, I wanted to give them one more outing of rest and tranquility. We decided to take an afternoon stroll with some botany pond relaxation.

Miss BopTalk, Miss Noir, and Miss SuperBagXLVIII sat peacefully taking in the awes of nature.

The immense trees created the perfect amount of shade. The girls took time to wind down and reflect on their time together.

Miss BopTalk was enjoying herself so much that she decided to disguise herself in the tall green stalks and flowers by the pond. Even in her chic Kelly seller style, she’s not afraid to rough it and go au natural.

The sun cast a beautiful glow around the pond and the greenery. The Hermes Trio was so grateful to be together.

Luckily, their Hermes family was only due to grow bigger. A familiar orange box joined their party. Miss BopTalk as one of the newest members of the family took the honor to head off the reveal.

Again, she helps introduce us to another companion – a French Anemone Hermes CDC bracelet.

We end the fun, memorable time with a group gathering on the benches. The Hermes trio is beautifully decked out in their new accessories and feeling better than ever. The tight sisters make a pledge to more adventures and many new friends in the future!

Published: June 21st, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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  • what a gorgeous CDC!!! and beautiful pics!!! Who´s gonna get to wear the new Lagon rodeo??? hehe!!! xoxo