The Birthday Birkin: Part Two

It would seem my love for the Hermes Kelly and the Birkin vacillates back and forth as quickly as the rally of a tennis match  at the French open…

But if the truth be told, I do enjoy each very differently. This adventurous Indian trip I have undertaken with my new Lady Vermillion B connects me to the undeniable passion Hermes fashionistas feel for the Birkin.

Shall we…

If you haven’t yet, pop over to Part 1 of the Birkin Birthday to discover the full background story of this latest B…


It’s no secret PurseBop’s achilles heel for color is RED. I love any and all shades of RED (which is evident from my extensive RED Chanel collection).

RED Rules – My Red Chanel Collection

Naturally, the RED obsession had to transfer over to Hermes. My new B is in the shade “Vermillion” Red. Hermes Vermillion is a true fire engine red. Compared to other reds in the Hermes family—like Rouge Casaque which is a true blue-red or delicious apple-red, or Rubis the pink hued  red—Vermillion has a little more warmth. It has a hint of orange in bright natural light and turns to a slight deeper red in darker settings. The ambiguity makes it a true chameleon. There honestly isn’t a red shade that I wouldn’t want! However since this is my first H red, it will always be a special favorite to me. The Vermillion shade of red happens to be my favorite color for nail polishes and lipsticks too! For now, one Hermes RED down, and several to go!!

As a red connoisseur, I have somehow mapped out “summer reds” versus “winter reds”. To me, Vermillion is a shade that looks fabulous in summer heat and sun. It works well with tropical vibrants, shades of orange, coral, pinks and even purples. Having used it a couple weeks traveling tropical climates, I can vouch for it’s versatility. Blue based reds can be a little more challenging for me personally with summer wardrobes, but absolutely ideal for our never ending Chicago winters.  I anticipate that it will look lovely in the fall too, since the slight hint of orange will complement autumn shades.

To play dress up with the Hermes Rainbow, check out The Many Shades of Hermes with fabulous color charts from @italianfashionista.



Lady Vermillion B is a size 35. I have not yet had the opportunity to try smaller, and look forward to that someday soon. Yet, Miss B has proved to be the perfect travelling bag! Although, I tend not to carry much on a regular basis, there is plenty of room to expand if needed.

I outline travel tips here: HERMES Bags and Travel

Due to the size, I do not find the B35 to be an evening bag. The Hermes Kelly and other mini bags have proven to be my go-to night out bags. However, since I love to ‘nest‘ my bags, putting a mini inside Lady Vermillion B is no problem!

I outline my evening preferences here: Does the HERMES Kelly Trump the Birkin?

Lady Vermillion B35 makes a bold statement wherever she goes! I admit that the B has a certain drama that I am growing to love. 

Miss Vermillion B takes her maiden voyage as she boards a 15 hour non-stop flight to the other side of the world!  Certainly no 'admiration phase' this time...

Lady Vermillion B takes her maiden voyage as she boards a 15 hour non-stop flight to the other side of the world! Certainly no time for the ‘admiration phase’ that I outline in my interview here…


Always travel with your Hermes canvas duster. Place it inside your bag for easy access at TSA security checks. Refer to travel tips here…


Example of nesting bags with my Chanel Metier d’ Arts mini


Delighted that my B is in Togo leather. Togo leather is a favorite among Hermes lovers as it is scratch resistant and maintains it’s shape. Togo leather has smaller grains compared to Hermes’ Clemence leather, which is also textured. Yet to the touch, Togo leather is crisp and smooth, and the grains give it that raised luxurious appearance. My first Birkin, the SuperBagXLVIII is in Epsom,  so I am looking forward to comparing the feel and wear of each.

Lady Vermillion B really pops in Togo!

To learn about the other leathers Hermes offers: Hermes Learning Process

Now that we have made it through the reveal and the basics, may I begin sharing with you the real photography fun… stay tuned for Part 3!

Love your PurseBop

Published: August 4th, 2015
Updated: September 23rd, 2015

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3 Responses to “The Birthday Birkin: Part Two”

  • I´m absolutely in live with miss Vermelion! I´m a red lover too and this bag couldn´t have a prettier shade of red. Congrats for this beauty my dear! And thumbs up for Mr Pursebop for surprising you with her! So sweet and loving of him!!! xoxo

  • Totally agree about the drama of the B. Love it! Congrats again. What a wonderful surprise!