8 Reasons We Love the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

No matter how much you try, when you’re in love sometimes it’s hard to hide it! Instead of keeping the emotions bottled up, PurseBop had to get a little confession off her chest. Over the course of time, PurseBop has claimed many handbag loves like the Hermes Birkin, the Hermes Kelly, and the Chanel Classic Flap. Of course, there’s always enough love to go around, and today PurseBop is adding another lover to her list: The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour.

Before you assume this is just some type of grade school crush, we have many legitimate reasons why this bag deserves so much admiration. In this detailed, open love letter, discover the many reasons why we love the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour! Before you know it, you’ll be falling in love too…

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1. It was made with the modern woman in mind.

We live in such a fast-paced world, and the modern women is often booked with many tasks and obligations, yet still expected to look put together in the process. We need a bag that keep up with us and help us hold our lives together. The Sac de Jour fits this role perfectly. From outside looks to its internal features, it is just a well thought out bag. The Sac de Jour is chic and elegant, but most importantly, it is a non-fussy bag that you will find easy to carry.

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2. It’s great for neutral lovers.

The Sac de Jour is a sleek, beautiful bag that still shines on its own even in neutral colors like black, brown, cream, and light pink. Neutral colors really call attention to the sharp lines and minimalist feel of the Sac de Jour. Many people gravitate towards neutral colors with the Sac de Jour because it makes a great everyday and work bag.

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3. It’s great for color lovers…basically it works in every shade and hue!

There aren’t too many hardware attachments and decorative adornments on the Sac de Jour, so the whole bag can easily become a canvas for color and design! The Sac de Jour is stunning in rich, brilliant colors like red, blue, and neons. Some versions come with contrasting trim details which creates an even more unique look.

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4. Dont' worry, it’s celebrity approved too!

The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour quickly became an “it” bag after it was spotted on big celebs like Kendall Jenner. The look of the Sac de Jour fits the celebrity persona with its effortlessly chic vibe.


Kendall Jenner


Jessica Alba


Chiara Ferragni

5. The Sac de Jour can hold everything you need, and the mini sizes are quite spacious too.

The Sac de Jour is both stylish and functional. Its rectangular shaped body can easily accommodate many items. The mini sizes (baby, nano, and toy) have the adorable “tiny” factor, but can actually still fit a fair amount of things compared to minis from other brands. The larger sizes are great for travel and work. The detachable strap is perfect for hands-free and crossbody wear when you’re on the go!

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Of course we’ve still got mini bag madness

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Chanel Square Mini vs. Sac de Jour Nano ~ @sassykimchi

6. We actually appreciate its Birkin influences.

Many people may be quick to label the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour as a Birkin Copycat because of its similar silhouette and two top handle construction. However, creative director Heidi Slimane, who created this bag, openly admitted to drawing inspiration from the Birkin so this is not a case of “Birkin plagiarism”. The Sac de Jour is a masterpiece of its own. It takes inspiration from many of the beloved features of the Birkin like its top handles, gussets, and clochette, and modernizes them with a Saint Laurent twist. We appreciate the sleek, modern style of the Sac de Jour combined with the traditional aspects of the Hermes Birkin.


@lacrusia, @leorangebliss

7. You can have fun accessorizing your accessory.

The Sac de Jour is a very clean, simple bag, so there is a lot of room to play with as far as dressing it up. Over the past couple of years, there’s been a huge rise in sales of accessories for your accessory. Bag charms, bag straps, and handle scarves like the Hermes twilly can instantly change the look of your bag and give your bag an added dose of personality. Fendi has dominated the bag accessory world with their huge furry, monster charms, Karlito charms, and Strap You detachable straps. All of these accessories look great on the Sac de Jour, and we love limitless options!

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8. You can’t beat its versatility. The Sac de Jour is the perfect everyday bag!

The Sac de Jour is a bag that seems to magically and perfectly pair with any outfit! We can’t get over how versatile this bag is and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is still in search for an everyday or staple bag in their collection.

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Published: July 9th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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