Dear PurseBop: What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Paris to Score A Birkin or Kelly?

We’re back! And better than ever we might add. This week’s Dear PurseBop will be a treat for all Hermès lovers out there. We know the Hermès journey is full of twists, turns, and curiosity galore. Is there a minimum spend before being offered a quota bag? Will my chances of scoring a Birkin or Kelly be better in Paris? My SA is ghosting me – help!

We answer all your H questions on these topics and more. Here are this week’s top five questions and answers from Dear PurseBop .

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Question: What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Paris to Score A Birkin or Kelly?

Dear PurseBop:

If I were to travel to Paris with the hopes of scoring a Birkin or Kelly, which months of the year are least crowded with tourists, not having fashion week crowds, but still have inventory. Also do you happen to know when in the month they restock bags?

Dear Traveler to Paris:

Paris is one of the most popular and magical places to travel practically anytime of the year. The summer months tend to be busy with many tourists particularly from the US. The holidays in December are also a popular time of year to visit Paris because it is even more beautiful with all the holiday lights and festivities. Mid-July to August is when the French take their holiday as well as many of the Hermès artisans and Sales Associates.

Fashion week normally occurs in Paris three times a year. The next one is Spring-Summer 2023 from September 26, 2022 through October 4, 2022.

However, in 2023 there will be 6 weeks of fashion shows totaling 38 days. Those dates are as follows:

January 17 – 22, 2023 – Men’s Ready to Wear

January 23 – 26, 2023 – Haute Couture

February 27 – March 7, 2023 – Women’s Ready to Wear

June 20 – 25, 2023 – Men’s Ready to Wear

July 3 – 6, 2023 – Haute Couture

September 25 – October 3, 2023 – Women’s Ready to Wear

Hermès inventory is stocked as it becomes available. We have no information when inventory is more plentiful than other times of the month or year. Since the Pandemic and the multiple shutdowns, inventory has been impacted. Hermès stock is notoriously less than the demand. Shipment allocations and restock dates are a mystery as well. Even Sales Associates are not aware when the next shipment will arrive.

Our best advice is to plan a trip to Paris when it is best for your schedule. Apply online for a leather appointment every day or try to obtain an appointment in store. Shop, see all of Paris, enjoy the food, the ambiance, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the parks, the Seine, the Louvre Museum, and all the amazing things Paris has to offer. Definitely try to get a leather appointment to request a Birkin or Kelly. But most importantly, enjoy Paris! As with all things Hermès, there are no guarantees. Avoid being disappointed by lowering your expectations. Good things will follow.

Good luck and happy shopping!


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Question: How Do I Maintain a Good Relationship with My Hermès SA to Improve My Chances of Getting Offered A Second Quota Bag?

Dear PurseBop:

I’m wondering how to maintain and build good chemistry with an SA? After waiting for 2 years, finally I had my chance to purchase my first Birkin 30. The SA said to me, they only have that size for me at that moment, even though I put on my wishlist that I would like a Birkin 25 or Kelly 25 (last year). She told me that Hermès changed the rules since the pandemic, so we can get our quota bag only once in a year. Because I also fell in love with the Birkin 30,  I bought it and put in another wishlist for my next quota bag. So far I only have my SA’s email, not her number. Should I ask for her number or still be patient until she gives it to me? Some of the SAs in the store asked me to come more often to check on the bag that I want. But every time, I didn’t see the same SA. And every time they said they didn’t have the bag yet. What should I do to get my 2nd chance at a quota bag that I put on my wishlist? Thank You.

Dear How To Get My Second Quota Bag:

It appears that you are doing the right things. You shop exclusively in your local Hermès boutique regularly, and have made sufficient purchases to result in your first quota bag, a Birkin 30.

In order to get offered the next quota bag on your wishlist you should continue to focus on only shopping with your SA. The best way to do that is to make an appointment with your SA in advance. Do not shop with other SA’s in your store. If your SA is on vacation or unavailable, wait for an appointment when they are available. Do not shop with other SA’s in your store or in other locations. I cannot stress that enough.

Since you have your SA’s email address, reach out to them on a regular basis. Request an appointment to come into the boutique to shop with them. They will book an appointment for you at a time they are available. At your next visit, ask them if you could text them in the future when you want to inquire about products or want to book another appointment. If you shop with an appointment you are assured that your SA will have time to focus on you and what you want to purchase.

Since the Pandemic booking an appointment has become the preferred way to shop in most boutiques. This ensures that your SA is available for you, you will have at least an hour to browse, shop, learn about new products, and decide what you would like to purchase. And all your purchases will continue to grow your spend profile which will lead to an offer of your next quota bag.

Each boutique operates slightly differently and makes their own rules with respect to how many quota bags per year a customer may be offered. This is usually based on the amount of inventory they receive, the number of clients they have, the number of SA’s working there, how competitive and busy the store is, and the decision of the store’s Director.

Our best advice is to continue building a solid relationship with your existing SA by shopping only with that SA and purchasing products hat you love and will use. Ask your SA the best way to get closer to being offered your next quota bag. The more you shop with one SA the better your chances are that they will work hard to find you the bag of your dreams.

Good communication and building your spend profile with your SA is the key to a successful relationship with them.

Good luck and happy shopping.


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Question: Do I Have a Better Chance of Getting a B, K, or C if I Shop in Several Different Hermès Stores?

Dear Pursebop:

I was wondering if the US and EU system show a client’s entire purchase history?  Would that mean you’ll have “history” at all Hermes stores? Is there a way to have a better chance of getting offered a B, K or C by shopping in different stores? Or do you still have to have established relationships with a specific SA at a specific store? Like if I live in Boston, but happened to be shopping in Chicago, LA, FL, etc. I might be offered a B or K or C if I shop at a Hermès store outside of my hometown? Thanks!

Dear Confused about Purchase History:

Let’s break down your multi-tiered question.

First, if you shop in different cities within the US, each location can see your entire purchase history within the US only. But that is not necessarily a good thing. They see what you bought and where you bought it. However, the amount of money you spent in Hermès location A does not benefit you at Hermès location B or at your home store with respect to being offered a quota bag. It will only deplete your budget for luxury spending with your SA. In addition, shopping in other states within the US will not help your chances of getting offered a quota bag from your home store.

The philosophy behind working with one SA in one Hermès boutique is the SA earns a commission on each purchase you make. The more you shop the more the SA earns. In exchange for your loyalty and purchase history, your SA works hard to get you the item you desire that is not readily available. That may be a quota bag or non-quota bag or some other highly coveted item. You submit a wishlist to your SA listing the items you are hoping to purchase and they try to get it for you. But patience is key.

In general, the best way to build your spend profile in the hopes of getting offered a quota bag is to shop with ONLY ONE SA in one store. The purchases you make in other Hermès locations do not count toward your spend profile in your home store. The more you spend with your SA, the better your chances are they will offer you a quota bag on your wishlist.

As of July, 2022 Hermès in Paris became linked to the United States. This means that Paris is able to see how many quota bags a US client has purchased in the current calendar year. If you have already purchased two quota bags from your home store, none of the Paris Hermès boutiques will offer you a quota bag. Whether Hermès boutiques in other European cities and countries can see if you received any quota bags from your home store has not yet been confirmed to us.

Bottom line is there is no easy way to get a quota bag. Follow the formula:

Shop with one SA only.

Show loyalty and passion to the brand.

Explore and purchase products throughout the boutique.

Buy only what you love and intend to use.

Have fun shopping with your SA.

Do not compare your journey to anyone else.

And most of all, have patience.

Good things come to those who wait.


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Question: Does Hermès Track Bags That Have Been Resold?

Dear PurseBop:

Does Hermès track bags that have been resold? What happens if they figure out you have resold a bag you purchased with them?

Dear Curious:

We have no direct knowledge whether Hermès tracks bags that were purchased in their boutiques and have been re-homed or resold on social media or to popular reseller sites.

However, we are aware that Hermès is trying to prevent resellers from purchasing products in their boutiques. And we have seen social media posts that Hermès is sending Cease and Desist letters to individuals they find who are reselling Hermès products on social media. They refer to the language on the Hermès receipt that states:

“The customer represents and warrants that they are purchasing Hermès products in our boutiques for their personal use. Therefore, you agree you will not, directly or indirectly, resell Hermès products purchased in our boutiques for commercial purposes.”

To be safe, it is best to buy what you love and intend to use or give as a gift. If you sell any items on social media be aware that Hermès is looking on social media for resellers and will act accordingly.


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Question: What are the Best Hermès Colors for Resale Purposes?

Dear PurseBop:

Which of the Hermès colors are great for getting higher resale value? Is Capucine a rare color too?

Dear Popular Hermès Colors:

There are many classic Hermès colors that will always be popular. Those colors are Noir (black), Gold (tan), Craie (off white with a gray tint), neutral grays such as Etain, Etoupe, and Gris Asphalt, many blue shades such as Bleu Nuit, Bleu Saphir, and Bleu Zanzibar, pinks and reds such as Rose Sakura (pale pink), Mauve Sylvestre (pink with purple undertones), Rouge Casque and Rouge de Coeur, and Classic Orange or Feu.

The Hermès color Capucine is a classic orange color with red undertones. It is extremely bright and beautiful. It is much brighter than the Hermès Classic Orange. Feu is another popular and beautiful Hermès orange color as well.

Each season Hermès introduces new and returned seasonal colors. Some become extremely popular and even appear again in future seasons. This season we are starting to see small bags and small leather goods in the new pastel shades of Mauve Pale, Vert Fizz, and Mushroom. We are expecting these three shades to be extremely popular because they are so beautiful. Pastel colors tend to be very popular and in high demand.

See our article linked below about the new colors for 2022.


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Keep your questions coming to Dear PurseBop. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Published: September 4th, 2022
Updated: September 4th, 2022

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