Vote: What’s Your Favorite Hermès Gray?

How do you like your gray? Hermès’ array of colors is peerless all around—but we think there’s something special about their collection of neutrals. We tend to think of gray as such a dull color, but Hermès digs into the nuances of how gray can (and should!) look with their beautiful shades.

After the popularity of our Hermès neutral article last fall (read: Neutrals vs Colors: Which Have the Better Cost Per Wear?) we thought we’d single out the grays—perhaps our favorite neutral shade—and have a little fun. Here, we’ve selected four of the most stunning H grays. Which one will you pick as your favorite…? Don’t miss the poll below!

Is it just us, or does Gris Mouette have some serious icy blue tones? Since its release in 2016, Gris Mouette has taken the Hermès world by storm and become one of the most covetable grays.

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Hermès Togo Birkin 30 in Gris Mouette. Click to view on Fashionphile

Beige and brown come together in this classic Hermès gray that has deep, rich tones. “Étain,” which translates to “tin,” has a dark hue that makes it one of the more versatile grays, and it can almost be treated like a black bag.

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Hermès Togo Kelly Retourne 25 in Étain. Click to view on Fashionphile

This new shade for Fall/Winter 2019 is a gray with a touch of something else… Can you tell what the other hue is? (Hint: the title literally translates to “Almond Green”!)

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Hermès Epsom Kelly Sellier 25 in Vert Amande. Click to view on Fashionphile

This pearly gray is so close—and yet so far!—from white. There’s something so calming about this shade, which has the benefits of white but is far more versatile.

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Hermès Togo Birkin 25 in Gris Perle. Click to view on Fashionphile

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Just remember: although these are only four grays, in different lighting, the tones are not so clear! Mouette can look pale, Vert Amande confused with Étain, which itself can look like Étoupe. Perhaps the most chameleon-like of Hèrmes tints, four grays might just look like 50 shades of gray…

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Published: November 5th, 2019
Updated: November 5th, 2019

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