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Chanel Week here on PurseBop has been full of informative, fun CC features to celebrate all the things we love about Chanel. If you haven’t caught up yet, we kicked our celebration off with a Chanel 101 class on iconic bags and also covered things like Chanel bag investment, celebrity style, and the Chanel Wallet on Chain. We also created a Chanel poll for you all to share your CC favorites and preferences.

And we’re not done yet! Make sure you’re in the know about the latest Chanel news by reading through our “Chanel Bulletin Board”. Just like our Hermes Bulletin Board and Bag Bulletin Board which included many different brands, the segments below are brief summaries from important news stories. Feel free to read through the bulletin and continue onto the full features in the links below for more information!

During PurseBop’s shopping trip in France, we started a handbag math investigation about the retail prices in Europe versus the USA. Each fashionista on PurseBop’s trip completed an interview and shared their hauls from France. In Chapter 1, Rita’s story demonstrates that huge savings can come from buying Hermes and Chanel abroad. See why with the detailed price breakdowns in the post!

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Let’s take a deeper look at Chanel shopping in France…this time in comparison with another big rival, Louis Vuitton! In Chapter 2, Amber shares her CC and LV reveals with a full report on her shopping process. Curious which is the better deal between Chanel and Louis Vuitton? Read more in the post!

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We’ve dissected every detail about the Chanel Classic flap from history, prices, sizes, and more. Now it’s time to confess all the reasons WHY we’re in love with the Chanel Classic Flap. Read our reasons and come see if you agree!

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Even though the mini bag trend fades in and out, the Chanel mini is an everlasting favorite! Read why the Chanel mini continues to be such a hit in this helpful reference guide.

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Chanel’s price harmonization last year has dramatically changed people’s incentives for buying Chanel abroad, specifically in Europe. In the past, buying Chanel in places like Paris was significantly cheaper. Now, the stakes have changed. Read the shopping journey of Elizabeth as an example of how Chanel’s price changes have affected consumers.

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Who can’t resist a good looking boy?? The Chanel Boy is a stunning bag that has truly captured our hearts. Read a whimsical review of the Boy Bag and see why it fully deserves a place in Chanel’s iconic bags family.

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Published: June 20th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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