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PurseBop is the perfect place to share your personal love for fashion and appreciate other fashionistas too. Whether you’re asking a question on BopTalk, sharing a recent reveal, or posting a picture on instagram, a whole community is here to support you and listen to your story!

We’ve rounded up a few, recent highlights from our BopTalk celebrities and PurseBop contributors to further showcase some of the incredible content from our community. Read the blurbs below and continue on to the full posts to enjoy even more!

PurseBop never realized how tricky neutrals were until she embarked on the mission of searching for her very own neutral bag. Our latest BopTalk celebrity, @kugzz is a neutral expert, and she shares a ton of helpful advice on how to add the right neutrals to your collection.

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There’s nothing like finding the ultimate holy grail bag! Fashionista @mrslulu3 shares her quest of finding the perfect Hermes bag as well as her obsession with black handbags.

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Nine months of waiting brings a bundle of Hermes Joy! Get a front row seat for the delivery. After her original story, BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba finally reveals her Hermes Special Order Bag.

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The Prize of Casaque! BopTalk Celebrity HappyBaggage shares her happily ever after with Hermes Rouge Casaque after a lot of patience and determination. Read all about her journey.

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Fashionista FavLoves combined her love for travel and Hermes, and scored some great treasures on her recent trip to Japan. See the haul and compare Hermes prices in Japan versus the US.

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Published: September 10th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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