PurseBop Asks: What’s your Day versus Night Holy Grail Bag?

Did you read The Holy Grail Bag Part II: day versus night?

It’s time to answer the tough questions….what would you pick as your top Daytime versus Nighttime Holy Grail Bag?

We explored the evolution of the Holy Grail Bag (HGB) journey as it branches into day versus night choices. If you don’t recall, our first piece with Christie’s demonstrated how HGBs vary from individual to individual and how one’s most desired target can change over time. Now, we’ve deconstructed the idea of the HGB being the ‘one and only’ even further and proved that an adequate collection will be armored with bags that serve various occasions and purposes. That’s right, there are multiple targets to keep lusting after…but options can be a good thing!

After extending our discussion of the holy grail, we became inspired to include our PurseBop family in the HGB day versus night conundrum. We tallied many Instagram celebrities on the topic hoping to get a better idea of what the perfect day versus night bag would look like based on one’s personal style. Read some of their answers below, and of course admire the fabulous eye candy! Find yourself surprised by the diversity of picks, especially as you decide on your own HGB day versus night contenders. We’re also taking this challenge to Instagram, so tag your HGB day versus night pictures to #PurseBopsHolyGrailBag to be featured!

For some added fashion fun, click the HGB image for each Instagram celebrity to read their exclusive interviews here at PurseBop.com


To be honest, I can barely choose a favorite as my daytime HGB. If I really had to narrow it down, I would probably pick my black Birkin 30 in Epsom leather. Wait…actually, my ostrich leather Birkin 35 in Bougainvillea recently made its way back into my heart, and I would pick her as a contender as well. It doesn’t hurt that she was my first Birkin bag too!



Moving onto a nighttime pick, I am simply stumped again. My little black Chanel that accompanied me to my first Chanel show will always be a favorite. My yellow Fendi Baguette bag is another top pick since it goes with everything! I have to say I’ve always been attached to my Kelly Cut in Bamboo as an evening bag too. I thought it would be hard to match with various ensembles, but turns out it is super easy to wear. It is a bright, fun pop of color for those dark, fall nights.

Reflecting on my picks, I have to say it would have been a lot easier to pick a daytime vs. nighttime HGB from the ever-growing wish list of bags I don’t have yet!




My daytime HG is my Birkin 30 in black, togo leather – the one bag that carries me through the day, every day, in terms of function, aesthetics, and capacity. If I need any colour accent variations, I only need to change her twillies. She goes with any OOTD.


My night HG is a piece I didn’t know would become my night HG when I initially took her home…may I introduce my Moynat Mini Vanity? She is unique, truly a statement piece, and wears well for most evening functions. I have strangers smile on the sight of her, and ask me where it is from.


My perfect daytime bag is definitely my Chanel Boy bag with rainbow hardware. Since I always wear colorful things during the day, I can easily match it with so many colours given its beautiful iridescent leather and colorful chain. This CC Boy is a holy grail for me since it was very limited and sold out in minutes on the day the collection was launched. I am very lucky to have this gorgeous bag in my Chanel collection, and it truly feels like fate!

unnamed (2)

My holy grail bag for the nighttime is my fuschia Chanel medium flap bag. I generally prefer black bodycon dresses when I go out at night, so I like to balance my look with a pop of colour. Compared to other smaller night bags, the medium flap bag provides plenty of space for my stuff. Since it is timeless and reflects my taste so well,  I will be using it as my holy grail bag for many years to come.

unnamed (3)

Ah…the holy grail question again!  It seems for me, my holy grail bags are ever-changing and depend on the season and other factors.  But, for the moment, here are my choices from my current collection: My daytime holy grail bag is my swift leather Birkin 30 in Etoupe!  I can hardly believe it myself given that I was 1. not an Etoupe lover before this bag, and 2. one would think my HGB was my matte Kelly croc. But, after much deliberation, this bag is indeed my HG daytime bag.  Firstly, I am in love with Etoupe in swift leather.  I have turned down numerous bags in Etoupe in clemence and togo leathers, and have even done color comparisons. Yet, by far my favorite leather for the color Etoupe is swift leather. This Birkin is so rich and buttery, and this size is just perfect for me and lasts from morning through night.


That leads me to my current holy grail evening bag.  This was also quite a tough decision, but I really must choose my Kelly pochette in cactus crocodile.  This was an another unexpected bag for me in some respect. The KP is my ideal evening bag size, it fits my iPhone 7+, Hermès Calvi wallet, and some simple makeup/gloss.  Oh, and the cactus color… there is nothing like it for that extra POP you need at night whether I am wearing black or any other hue.  Stay tuned everyone because I swear I will finally use this piece for the first time!



I’m a firm believer in having practical bags. Dust collected rarities on the top selves of a closet aren’t my cup of tea. Overall, any of my B30s would make the holy grail day bag cut, but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be my B30 Rouge Casaque. Not only is it my first love, but it is the perfect pop of color, an all-seasoner, perfect for work or leisure, and fits my all-day necessities.

unnamed (1)

When the Sun is below the horizon, that’s when all the fun begins. My navy and silver sequined Chanel mini is my ultimate holy grail night bag. Why? Because its glamorous enough to use for a special occasion, night outta town, cinq à sept, and everything in between all while being hands free. It has the perfect amount of pizzazz for all my dawn-to-dusk activities and fits everything that I need: my signature lipstick (obviously Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle 444), iPhone, and my trusty Chanel card holder.


My favorite daytime holy grail day bag of the moment is the LV mini hat box. It’s so cute, and it actually fits quite a bit. I also believe it transitions into the nighttime well too.


For the evening time especially, I find myself reaching for Chanel minaudières. This white beauty is so pretty, unique and yet fits just what I need for a formal night out. Most of my Chanel specialty pieces are in black, so the fact this one is white sets her apart and makes her my favorite of the moment. Ask me next month PurseBop and I will have new holy grail day vs. night picks.

Bonus, even though not required here dear PB, is my all time favorite holy grail that transitions perfectly  from “day-to-night” … my exotic mini kelly II!





@ec24m with daughter @xcalikins (note the matching mini Kelly’s).


Spy @ec24’s new addition? Rose Scheherazade K20.


“Twinning with @diyen168”, says @ec24m

IMG_2929 2

@ec24m ‘s Hermès closet. Click photo to read her interview.

Oh, the holy grail…honestly, it’s very difficult to chose just one! If I had to pick, my daytime holy grail bag would be my Lady Dior in yellow crocodile leather. The colour is so bright and candescent that it instantly catches the eye and brightens up any outfit. The Lady Dior is simply eternal and my go-to bag for an afternoon luncheon or high tea with the girls.


My nighttime holy grail bag is my Louis Vuitton Twist in black crocodilian leather. The Twist features metal plate and stud details reminiscent of Louis Vuitton trunks. It has a very bold, rock-and-roll feel to it. The best part about this bag is that you can wear it on the shoulder or as a cross body. Thankfully, it easily holds all my essentials.


My recent vintage find, the black, lizard Hermès Kelly bag, has quickly positioned itself as my daytime holy grail bag. Not only is it rare, exquisite, elegant and roomy, but due to the inherent patina factor, I actually dare using it properly. I also use it frequently for travels. It adds that extra touch of polish whenever I’m on-the-go, and the fact that it’s black makes it stand out from what I usually wear.


The small, bi-colored matte Chanel python Wallet on Chain is my evening holy grail. This bag summarizes my style very well, and because of its size and shape. It’s the bag I always reach for when I’m about to travel. The Wallet on Chain  fits well in a suitcase and doesn’t lose shape, so it’s the perfect accessory to tote around without worry. And look at the colors! It’s a piece of jewelry on its own and can easily dress up any attire.


When picking a daytime bag, color is a big priority for me. I usually try to go for something bright and fun. My favorite Hermès color is Lagoon, yet for some reason I’ve never been able to find a bag in this color – and I am usually so lucky at my local Hermès store in Milan!

So last year, when my SA called to tell me that a Kelly 28 was available (a Kelly 28 was definitely a HGB for me since I didn’t have that size at the time), I seriously considered adding it to my collection. Better, yet the color was Bleu Atoll, which is similar to my true holy grail color, Lagoon. While it wasn’t the exact color match I had hoped for, my Kelly 28 in Bleu Atoll is my top pick for a daytime holy grail since it represents true happiness to me.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.26.55 PM


I haven’t been able to secure my ultimate evening holy grail yet. About seven years ago, Chanel did a Shanghai collection with an adorable Chinese doll bag. I got a bit distracted when the collection first launched, and when I went to go buy it, it was too late and had already sold out. Since then, once in a while I check on resale sites to find a pre-owned one, but I haven’t been successful in my quest yet!


Without a doubt, my daytime HGB pick is the Birkin 30. The B30 is the right size for my body type and easily carries all my necessities. I can open it up and throw things in with ease. I believe the B30 serves even the busiest of lifestyles.

Processed with MOLDIV

I always choose the Kelly Pochette when it’s time for a crazy night out. The shape is so sleek and appealing. Better yet, it is spacious and easy to carry by the adorable little handle. I feel like a Princess at the ball when I tote her, even if I was just making a simple outing to a movie or a low-key dinner!

The Chanel Vanity Case is my daytime holy grail bag. It’s traditional silhouette combined with the chain strap makes it a functional, yet playful piece. Though I love classics, I tend to go for fun pieces that fit my personality. The black caviar leather and vintage gold hardware add a classic touch to this novelty bag.

unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)

The Lady Dior is my nighttime holy grail bag. While the silhouette is timeless, the metallic finish gives this lady a fresh look. The new, smaller size is the perfect size for my evening essentials, and the badges are a fun way to personalize the bag. The gold leather is a showstopper and makes any outfit pop.

unnamed (12)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (13)

Daytime HGB: Black Kelly 35 with black hardware. Why? Well, it’s very versatile since it goes with everything and every style — more importantly,  it’s edgy yet classy, I can dress it up for daytime fun or strut it with chic, casual looks!




Night HGB:  My Red Doblis Birkin because it’s just so cute! The color just pops, yet its neutral enough to pair with many outfits. The Birkin 25 is the perfect evening size and very elegant, yet it fits so much. I tend to need more space as I carry big phones.


Daytime HGB: Kelly Lakis 40cm. The Kelly Lakis is masculine and functional, making it a great option to take back and forth to work. I love the look of the extra wide strap as it adds to the practicality of the bag. For my HG version, I’d love a Lakis with canvas pockets and a matte croc body.


Evening HGB: Hermès Constance Cartable. Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few beautiful, regular leather Constance Cartables, but my HGB would be a croc version of this unique piece. Ideally, I’d love a black matte porous crocodile leather Constance Cartable with gold or ruthenium hardware. The only thing I’d change is the strap as I’d love it to be a bit longer to accommodate over the shoulder wear. The large 29 cm Constance Cartable allows ample room for phones, wallets, keys and more — something the 18 cm and even 24 cm versions lack.

Constance Cartable

Daytime HGB: Louis Vuitton Keepall 45, Supreme Edition. The Keepall is a highly versatile and useful bag that I’ve found myself using more and more ever since I scored this bright red, limited edition piece from the Supreme Collaboration. It’s perfect to take to the gym early in the morning and go straight to work, while fitting everything I need for the day such as my gym clothes, laptop, and other necessities. I’m lucky to own this piece, and I consider it a HGB. I love this version of the Keepall for its size and durable, red epi leather, which provides a fun pop of color on the dark winter days we have ahead!

unnamed (14)

Nighttime HGB: Hermès Kelly Cut, Matte Niloticus “SO BLACK” special edition. The HGB I chose for evening is one I don’t have in my collection yet, but would love to one day. It goes without saying that the “So Black” theme is the epitome of chic, combining coveted black hardware on a black Hermès creation. I’ve always loved the shape of the Kelly Cut for its versatility, as it can be used during the day as a large wallet when paired with a larger Birkin/Kelly, or at night as a clutch on its own. You can easily store cards, cash, and keys – all the basics. The So Black Kelly Cut would be the perfect HGB bag for evening.


If I must pick a HGB for the daytime, I would choose my B35 in Etoupe as it suits any look, season, time or place in my opinion.


For the nighttime, I prefer clutches. I honestly can’t choose one style or color because I need a lot of options! Black will always be a winner. I recently got an all black Jige with lizard accents, and it is my number one right now. I also love brighter colors too. I am waiting to get my ultraviolet Egee in crocodile leather, which should be coming in quite soon. Until then, I will also be lusting after an amethyst Kelly Pochette in crocodile leather.


Day HGB: My Etain Birkin 30. The B30 is the perfect size for my busy, everyday needs. The color is classic and a great neutral, which I can enjoy all year long. It goes so well with just about everything I wear.


Night HGB: My Marine Blue Birkin. The Birkin 25 is the perfect size for evening and it wears very elegantly. The leather on this beauty is remarkably shiny. The color is so decadent as it is a deep blue, although it almost looks black and can definitely pass as a neutral. This is one of my favorite Hermès colors due to its chameleon-like quality.


Hopefully, this ‘show and tell’ gave you a better idea of the many bags that can act as day versus night holy grail bag picks. Please share your top daytime versus nighttime HGBs in the conversation on BopTalk, and tag your images to #PurseBopsHolyGrailBag on Instagram  to be featured!

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