The Juiciest Boy (bag) Ever…

Although this reveal certainly merited an exotic locale and elaborate set-up, in the interest of satisfying your curiosity and excitement, this hot number will be exposed in our backyard during this year’s first snowfall…It’s so hot, I hope the snow survives!
(snow clad scenes are a frequent sighting here, LOL).


I’ll keep mum for a bit and just do our thing…


Now you might understand when I said, and I quote directly from part one…

“As I stepped in the doors, the display wall to my right made brought on a big bright smile. It was game over.


Oh so juicy…


That special moment we pull back the seal to unveil the hardware.

I don’t know that I have seen a more vibrant, nearly fluorescent, but not…  the fruitiest, juiciest, pinkest Starburst candy…

Simply put: irresistible…


The hardware, a slightly antiqued gold makes for the perfect compliment to the shiny glaze of patent.


I tried to search for any handbag that could serve as a basis of comparison in my armoire. But truly, despite all the pinks I have, not a single baggie could compliment the hue/undertone of this PINK. 

As I nearly retired the idea, I thought of one possibility.

My recent Hermes Kelly Cut in rose jaipur was the closest comparison I could make.


On it’s own the color rose jaipur seems saturated and vibrant.
You can re-cap the full reveal stories here:

PurseBop’s Indian Hermes Surprise – Take Two
PurseBop’s Indian Hermes Surprise – Take Two, Part Two


Hermes Kelly Cut in rose jaipur, epsom leather gold hardware.

A little side note about my personal color preferences and style:

It’s no secret PB’s a COLOR LOVER, but not just in bags… my nails and lips are usually in seasonal sync. Shades of vibrant coral pink colors have dominated my spring/summer selections for the last two years. I am going to share my personal favorites to give you an idea of just why this BOY was instant LOVE.


I have gone through at least three Tom Ford lipsticks in True Coral and there are still two sealed in my drawer just in case they decide to discontinue the color, (ugghhh – every girls worst beauty nightmare…). 

My nails have been Chanel Tapage for most of S/S 2015 & I still sneak it on from time to time.

And my absolute new favorite is the limited edition Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush.  

The three together are my definition of perfect beauty harmony… now let’s imagine a spring/summer sunny day, some golden gladiators, a sometimes flowy, or my favorite, a curve hugging Roberto Cavalli dress and this ‘miss me not’  …boy bag ~ now you have a vision of my anticipated look! Tropical islands, maybe St. Tropez again or just walks along our Chicago Lake Shore… you get my drift. 


I also just bought the new Tom Ford Showgirl.




16C Chanel Boy Bag Small
A67085 Y60372
Color 2B107 Pink


My favorite back yard tree adorned in holiday lights with this JUICY BOY. Over the years I have taken many Chanel shots in this very spot.

I’ll be back with in more on my preferences for Chanel Boy bag sizes and leathers in part three, stay tuned!

Happy New Year my fellow fashionistas…

Love your PurseBop

Published: January 2nd, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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2 Responses to “The Juiciest Boy (bag) Ever…”

  • the most awaited post is finally up ?? and it didn’t disappoint ? OH MY GOD what a Boy ? I’m dying here, can’t take my eyes off it ?! What an incredible addition to your collection M, so so sooooo beautiful, so stunning, so colorful!!! Totally in love with it ❤️ Congrats ?? I’m picturing him next to my faves metallic Pink Boy (in case it’s back home from your sister’s house) and the Flower Power, the beautiful gold Boys, the White and the Versailles ultra chic Boys… Long time no see the Seafoam kisses Boys, he’s so beautiful too, hope he’s still around ? Super happy for you love, hope to see your new baby nonstop here and on IG❤️❤️❤️??

  • PS: that blush is heavenly!!!! What amazing colors ? And so the lippie and nail polish ❤️?