Fendi: All the Rage

One of the highlights to my recent Miami trip was visiting the newly opened Fendi boutique in the up and coming trendy Design District. The boutique is a Fendi fanatics fantasy: a playground for fur, bags, charms, shoes and my current obsession – the Strap You.

Fendi has been at the forefront of the ever evolving handbag game for a century, but recently they’ve emerged as the leader in a new trend – handbag accessories. We here at PurseBop were accessory fans right out of the gate, from Karlito to the Mini Peekaboo. 

In today’s handbag market, consumers are looking for something different, innovative, and personally stirring. One way to achieve this is with bag accessories, which allow consumers to add unique aspects to their bag without detracting from its true look and practical purpose. Fendi has cornered this market over the past two years. From brightly colored novelty bags to interchangeable straps and furry bag charms, the customer has endless options to customize a bag to their preference.


Introducing the new Fendi boutique in the Miami Design District. The eye-catching facade was designed in collaboration with famed architect Johanna Grawunder.

My newest favorite is the Fendi Strap You. Our discussion platform BopTalk has been buzzing since Fendi’s announcement back in July 2015.

I met up with the Miami Fendi team for some personal play time.


Upon my arrival, we took an extensive tour of the boutique. It was clear tremendous thought and passion had gone into the construction. The gold spike wall, one of just two in the Americas, the custom furniture, the brick and mortar custom walls, and my personal favorite – the florescent orange, blue, and green paint that decorates the facade. You can tell this is Miami!


The Gold Spike Wall, the second in the Fendi Americas. The Gold Spike Wall, the second in the Fendi Americas. Filled with Fendi Baguettes and Fendi Peekaboos.


Fendi Casa collaborates with artist Maria Pergay to create one of a kind whimsical furniture for the boutique.

These Fendi sandals were love at first sight… and to discover that the Fendi Strap You’s could be pre-ordered to match had me sold. Just one dilemma now – black or white? I wanted to select the option that would provide me with maximum versatility keeping in mind my bag choices.


White or Black? More details on these in the PurseBop Shop.

I had taken my new Hermes Jypsiere in Blue Paon in tow as my ‘testing bag’ for the straps. The straps brought a playful whimsical feel and were the perfect size.


Exploring the latest Fendi Sandals

The plain and python versions were fabulous too. Their reversible look offers such a bright expressive pop to any bag. The width of the straps is very comfortable over the shoulder. The strap length is made for an over the shoulder bag and not cross body.


I decided that for my personal collection and climate the black sandals and matching strap would be an ideal pairing for my black Kelly, my anemone Kelly, and definitely my latest addition, the blue paon Jypsiere. The white was cheerful and bright too, but in Chicago it would have a shorter season.



Playing with fur bag accessories.

There’s one more strap that wasn’t available to preview yet, but it will resemble the florals of these slip ons. The flowers were constructed in a soft lambskin. I pre-ordered the strap to match from Fendi, but it is also available to pre-order here. Who knows, maybe by the time my strap  arrives… the Hermes Gods would grace my collection with a new Kelly, LOL.

 2 (2)

 1 (2)


I am very tempted by one of the smaller sized Peekaboo’s, especially this one; small bag- big strap!


Degradé painted python mini Peek a Boo bag, details here.

 2 (1)

The Fendi DotCom bag we have covered extensively with Strap You options.


Black Fendi Dot Com Bag with all black floral applique Strap You.


Damage done.

More Fendi Eye Candy!
Many items have been shared in the PurseBop Shop for details…



Fendi Trois-Jour Tote Bag. More details in PurseBop Shop.


Fendi Large Peekaboo Monster Leather Satchel. More details in PurseBop Shop.

Fendi men’s on the second floor.
One of the few complete mens boutiques in the country.


Custom created stucco adorns the walls on the way up.


Fendi Mini Monster Backpack Charm. More details in PurseBop Shop.



Crocodile Peekaboo


The front facade of the Fendi Miami District store.

Published: February 27th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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  • The article is one of your best and the photos are just FANTASTIC.. If it were possible to love Fendi more than I do, this article would be a reason ???????????

  • Wowwww what a beautiful store ? And everything you pictured is gorgeous too!!! Loved your sandal choice!!! Now I’d live to see you soortung your strap for you ?!!! My jaws also dropped at the sight of that blue peekaboo with the monster interior ????!! Loved the post ❤️❤️❤️???

  • Just amazing!! It looks like you had a fab time there ? I wish we had fendi in Australia so bad, especially after seeing this