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Here at PurseBop we have a strong community of readers that are on top of all the latest fashion news and trends. Oftentimes, you all are the first to alert us of the latest happenings through your shares and tags on social media. You guys are such fast clickers and investigators it kind of makes our heads spin sometimes!

Above all, PurseBop is always going to report the topics that you love to read and want to learn more about, so your interests are always changing the vision of the site. To pay homage to you, we wanted to share the most buzzed about articles on the site as of late. This highlight list isn’t just a compilation of the most viewed PurseBop articles, but rather the articles that received the most discussion, hype….and sometimes a little controversy! Join us in a walk down memory lane and recap on the posts that got you talking the most. We’ve broken down these articles into the top categories of interest as well. Here’s what you can expect to find in our highlights:

  1. Breaking News – latest reports on brands, collections, and general fashion news
  2. PurseBop Pop Psychology – a deeper look into the psyche of the handbag lover and luxury shopping enthusiast
  3. 101 Guides – guides to help build your knowledge base on a specific subject
  4. This or That Challenges – interesting quizzes and thought provoking dilemmas
  5. Interviews and Reveals – exclusive narratives from PurseBop contributors

1. Breaking News

As any handbag aficionado will know, securing a Birkin bag can be one of the biggest challenges. This past summer, Hermès changed the game for buying handbags and leather goods even more by imposing an online appointment system at the FSH mothership store. PurseBop reported a full comparison of the new versus old system along with a step-by-step guide on how to navigate shopping next time you’re in Paris.

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Read more about the new process to buy a Birkin at Hermes FSH. Photo Courtesy:

2. PurseBop Pop Psychology

@Kugzz, our columnist of the series No More Than 10 Bags, has graced us with another fascinating philosophy called saving to splurge. Find out how to craft a meaningful and valuable collection!

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There’s one thing we all have in common…we’re all obsessed with handbags, of course! But, have you ever really thought about what triggers your impulse to buy bags? Read through this psychological investigation…

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Read about the real psychology behind why we buy handbags! Photo Courtesy: @myhermescollection

The “it” bag is always changing and evolving from moment to moment in the fashion world. PurseBop analyzes the “it” bag and gives you advice about how to strategically add an iconic bag to your collection.

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Read all about the making of an “it” bag. Photo courtesy: @margoandme

3. 101 Guides

This 101 guide was inspired by your interest in our luxury handbag crime reports. Although a fake handbag may seem like an innocuous purchase, profits from fakes support illegal, black market businesses and threaten to damage the fashion industry as a whole. Read about some of the consequences of the fake industry, and how to protect yourself and make a legitimate purchase if you are buying secondhand.

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Can you spot a fake handbag? Read through some important tips and tricks to help you crack down on fakes! Photo Courtesy:

Last year, we published an ultimate how-to guide on traveling with luxury goods and shopping abroad. Find out all the do’s and dont’s for smooth sailing on your next trip!

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Read through our extensive advice on how to travel with luxury goods. Photo Courtesy: @PurseBop

4. This or That Challenges

You all have been tremendously responsive to our “this or that” style quizzes, and they have become a staple in the PurseBop repertoire. We challenge you to take part in a virtual shopping spree by comparing bags from different price tiers. Compare your answers to your fellow fashionistas’.

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Take part in an epic “This or That” quiz that will really get you thinking!

PurseBop is always the first one to keep you in the loop about price changes in the handbag world. Last November, Chanel increased prices in the US in keeping with their global price harmonization scheme. Hermès has been known to increase handbag prices on iconic bags as well and recently increased prices in the UK. With all the new price hikes, we can’t help but wonder: is the price gap closing between Chanel and Hermès? While both fashion houses are prestigious in their own right, how do the prices and products compare at this point?

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Are your Chanel dreams turning orange? Join us for a little handbag math!

5. Interviews and Reveals

Jamie Chua (@ec24m) is an entrepreneur, fashionista, world traveller, and Hermès collector. Her incredible collection is jaw-dropping and totally enviable. Read all about her fashion inspiration with exclusive photos from her fabulous closet.

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PurseBop was lucky enough to add one of her dream bags to her closet for her birthday. She documented the whole event in an exclusive narrative with many pictures. Read through the story and learn more about one of the rarest Hermès leather called Barenia.

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Read through a special PurseBop reveal you won’t want to miss! Photo Courtesy: @PurseBop

Are there any posts that you would add to the list as your favorite PurseBop highlights? Share them with us in the conversation on BopTalk!

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Published: January 11th, 2018
Updated: January 17th, 2018

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