Travel Highlights: Paris Shopping Fever!

You know it’s travel season when your Instagram feed is suddenly filled with pictures of your friends posing in exotic places and in front of historical monuments. Each photo  is a stage of its own with props like strategically placed frozen drinks baring tiny umbrellas, numerous designer shopping bags, and old palaces. Traveling is an important pastime and people simply love to share their experiences. While we may have a little envy at first, travel stories are always so fascinating because they can be the foundation of your inspiration board or bucket list, and also serve as a informative guides for future trips of your own. This is why PurseBop has dedicated a whole category to “Travel” on the site with contributions from many of our fashionistas. We’ve also recently published our Travel 2017 guide with detail info on how to navigate the world, shopping wise, and how to tow along your precious handbags with you.

Whether you are jet setting to glamorous places yourself or if you’re just watching on vicariously, explore a few of our travel narratives! Today, we’re focusing on Paris. Arguably, the shopping capital of the world. Paris is home to most of our favorite designers and a city with a rich history. Fittingly enough, the Hermès Summer Paris sale recently happened in July, which sparked our inspiration even more.

Our PurseBop Paris narratives are chock-full of advice, handbag math with detailed pricing, and of course, fabulous pictures. After reading the stories below, you’ll catch the Paris Shopping fever bug too!

Last year, PurseBop launched the ultimate shopping in France series after taking a trip with her closest girlfriends. One haul in particular proved that savings on Hermès in Paris were unbeatable. See the handbag math for yourself!

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A few of our favorite IG fashionistas including BopTalk celebrity @mylifeincolors_ (Francine), @inmystyle (Natasha), and @arilovesfashion (Ari) took a girls’ trip to Paris, and it looked nothing short of incredible. Our girls hit all the objectives: food, fashion, and fun. Check out the haul and the handbag math!

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Around this time last year, Hermès changed the line system for leather goods to make the whole process more efficient. Fashionista @mel_inmelbourne reported all the details step-by-step.

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This story comes to us after Chanel harmonized its prices globally and raised prices in places like Europe, and simultaneously lowered prices in places like Asia. Fashionista Elizabeth shares her travels and her dilemma over buying Chanel after the price change. Follow her stops and see her final decisions!

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PurseBop team member, Morgan, studied abroad last year in London and documented her weekend trip to Paris. Read her advice, recommendations, and see the action!

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Take this magical shopping trip to Paris from fashionista @dreamingofh... a little Louis, a dash of YSL and a whole lot of Hermès!

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PurseBop takes a very special trip to the Hermès FSH store and brought back a few jewels. Follow this multi-part narrative packed with great pictures and personal takes from PurseBop.

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Another story right from the mothership from one of our long-time PurseBop contributors, @bullies.n.birkins! See the haul and take a peek at H price charts.

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