QUIZ TIME: Battle of the Brands

It’s high time we gathered the PurseBop community together again for one of our favorite pastimes…prepare yourself for the ultimate quiz that will really have you reflecting on your collection and current wishlists! Today’s quiz is a battle in the most friendly sense, as we will be comparing and contrasting brand preferences over certain accessory categories.

Talking about brand names can be somewhat of a controversial topic because ultimately, a brand is so much more than a mere label. While one would expect a name to be a practical device of nomenclature and categorization, there are lots of subjective connotations attached to brand names, especially in the fashion world (Read:The Luxury Handbag Market Hierarchy). For better or for worst, the brands you wear can be a social statement that speaks to things such as taste, age and what you value.

Much of our financial news coverage tracks the performance of luxury brands and the perception of brand names amongst consumers. Overall, the importance of brand names seems to be dwindling especially among millennials (Read: Luxury in the Age of Millennials and Are Millennials Less Concerned About Handbag Brand Names?).  This shift will dramatically change the marketing techniques of high-end fashion houses as they continue to engage with the millennial demographic. Above all, brand name does not always speak to the quality or exclusivity of a good, which is why we are inspired to start a healthy debate about brand names.

In this quiz, we want to bring attention to how preference for brands can unite people rather than incite judgment.  Although we all want to feel like we are the most unique and stylish fashionistas to walk  the streets, fashion preferences do not operate in a vacuum and pure originality is hard to capture. Our tastes are constantly being bombarded and influenced by our peers, media, celebrities, and countless other sources. Using our community as a case study, this quiz will show us what brands are popular for certain categories at the moment. Of course, when it comes to buying something other factors come into play besides brand such as style details or price point. However, for a moment, let’s simply consider brands and the aesthetic or attitude that each brand may convey.

Keep in mind, do not base your vote on the style or attributes of the pictures used in the following questions- all pictures just serve as examples of the brands mentioned. Remember, this is all for fun! See how your answers align with other fashionistas’.

*Note: the window will reload after you submit an answer for each question. To complete all the questions, simply scroll down again after the page has refreshed.


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"It" Bags

Battle of the Brands It Bag

Bag Details

Gucci Marmont Flap Bag via Neiman Marcus

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack – find more information here: Mini Backpacks?

Chanel Gabrielle Bag – find more information here: New at Chanel -The Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Chloe Nile Bag via Nordstrom

Classic Feel

Battle of the Brands Classic Feel

Bag Details

Hermès Birkin Bag – find more information: Hermès Birkin vs. Kelly 101

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag via Bergdorf Goodman

Burberry Trench Small Top Handle Bag via Neiman Marcus

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Double Chain Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus

Edgy & Chic

Battle of the Brands Edgy and Chic

Bag Details

Givenchy Antigona via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour via Nordstrom

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Rockstud Flap Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus

Designer Tote Bags

Battle of Brands Tote

Tote Details

Louis Vuitton Neverfull – find more information here: Carry it All – The Best Designer Tote Bags

Goyard St. Louis – find more information here: Grab and Go: The Goyard Reference Guide

Fauré Le Page Daily Battle Tote – find more information here: Goyard Rival – Fauré Le Page

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote via Nordstrom

Wallet On Chain

Battle of Brands Wallet on Chain

Wallet on Chain Details

Chanel Quilted Leather Wallet on Chain – find more information here: Chanel vs. YSL WOC Comparison

Saint Laurent Monogram Small Envelope Wallet on Chain via Neiman Marcus

Prada Metallic Saffiano Leather Wallet on Chain via Saks Fifth Avenue

Dior J’ADIOR Wallet on Chain – find more information here: The J’ADIOR Collection

Bonus Round: Luxury Shoes

Battle of the Brands Designer Shoes

Shoe Details

Christian Louboutin Escarpic Spike 100 mm Pump via Neiman Marcus

Stuart Weitzman Nudistrong Ankle Strap Sandal via Nordstrom

Gianvito Rossi Katie 85 Suede Sock Bootie via Bergdorf Goodman

Aquazzura Wild Thing Fringed Suede Block Heel via Bergdorf Goodman

Bonus Round: Luxury Jewlery

Battle of the Brands Jewelry

Jewelry Details

Van Cleef &  Arpels Alhambra Necklace

Cartier Love Bracelet

Tiffany & Co Victoria Diamond Earrings

Bulgari Serpenti Ring

Remember, when it comes to buying clothes and accessories you really love, brand shouldn’t influence your shopping decisions. As we’ve been reminded recently by expert fashionista @kugzz in her narrative “Saving To Splurge“, it is better to shop smart and maintain balance rather than looking for the hottest brand. However, every once in a while it’s fun to see what brands are popular in our community. Hopefully, this quiz shed a little light on our preferences and obsessions!

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Published: July 28th, 2017
Updated: May 29th, 2019

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  • Love those!! Always so much fun, love Cartier jewelry, always will but I found a few gems at Bulgari ????????