Quiz Time: Hermes vs. Chanel FACEOFF

Hermes and Chanel rule in the bag world and are easily two of the most popular brands in the fashion industry. Speaking financially, Hermes and Chanel have been reported as the best bag investments. Bag aficionados often list Hermes and Chanel bags as their ultimate holy grail bag choices because these brands create some of the most aspirational, unique, and not to mention, most expensive bags available.

It might be easy to pick Hermes and Chanel as some of your favorite brands, but can you truly choose between the actual bags in each collection?? Now, that’s a much harder dilemma…Today, PurseBop gives you this very challenge: the Hermes vs. Chanel FACEOFF!

First, imagine yourself in a completely hypothetical shopping scenario of choosing between a Hermes bag versus a Chanel Bag. Down below, we’ve paired a few H vs. CC combinations to stir your brain. Out of the two listed, pick which bag you like the best or would buy given the options available. Remember, this quiz is completely for fun and to get a sense of our community’s bag preferences. Also remember, do not base your vote on the attributes of the pictures used in this post – instead, use the pictures below as a reference for each style.

Now, it’s time to get voting!!

*Note: the window will reload after you submit an answer for each question. To complete all the questions, simply scroll down again after the page has refreshed.


Hermes Garden Party Tote vs. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Let’s start off with totes! The Garden Party Tote and Grand Shopping Tote (GST) work well as basic, everyday totes. Both totes are immensely popular due to their usefulness and relatively inexpensive price points compared to other bags in the Hermes and Chanel lines. Out of the two, which do you fancy??

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FullSizeRender 270

Hermes Garden Party Tote ~ @helensfashiondiary

FullSizeRender 268

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST) ~ @lbrand_stylegirl

Shoulder Bags

Hermes Constance vs. Chanel Classic Flap

An elegant shoulder bag is an essential part of any handbag collection. The Constance and the Classic Flap both have a very similar concept. They are flap bags that highlight their brand’s emblems front and center while still looking sophisticated. What’s your pick?

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FullSizeRender 269

Hermes Constance ~ @panthere_instyle

FullSizeRender 271

Chanel Classic Flap ~@life_and_style_tips

Satchel Bags

Hermes Kelly vs. Chanel Coco Handle

The Hermes Kelly bag and Chanel Coco Handle are both satchel bags that have a very feminine look. Both bags can be stylized to work with more dressed up or dressed down looks. The Kelly bag was created first, and it seems like the Coco Handle takes a bit of influence from the Kelly bag.  Both bags are indeed very similar, but would you go Kelly or Coco?

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FullSizeRender 273

Hermes Kelly ~ @by_md

FullSizeRender 274

Chanel Coco Handle ~ @shoepursemomma


Hermes Kelly Cut vs. Chanel Timeless Clutch

Say you’re in need of a great clutch for formal occasions, would you seek out Hermes or Chanel? Both brands offer great options like the Kelly Cut and the Timeless Clutch respectively. These two clutches have different looks and different vibes, but if you had to choose, what would be your pick?

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FullSizeRender 272

Hermes Kelly Cut ~ @leorangebliss

FullSizeRender 275

Chanel Timeless Clutch ~ @nadjasnowflake

Crowd Favorites

Hermes Evelyne vs. Chanel Boy Bag

Yes, the Evelyne and the Boy Bag are two very different styles of bags. However, what they do share in common is their huge appeal! People just seem to love these two bags,and they could both be considered “it” bags in the sense that they’re highly sought after. If you had to choose in this case, would you go with the Evelyne or the Boy Bag?

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Hermes Evelyne ~ @mel_inmelbourne

FullSizeRender 276

Chanel Boy Bag ~ @ingestyle

Casual Pick

Hermes Jige vs. Chanel Wallet on Chain

The Hermes Jige and Chanel WOC are both smaller bags that lean more towards the casual side. Who wins in this case for you, Hermes or Chanel?

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FullSizeRender 278

Hermes Jige ~ @theordinarysusan

FullSizeRender 277

Chanel Wallet on Chain ~ @jlvoe_31

Special Pick

Limited Edition Chanel Bag vs. Exotic Hermes Clutch

In general, limited edition and exotic bags can be very hard to attain and are considered to be collector’s items. If you were looking for that one special, stunning bag, would you go with a limited edition Chanel piece (from any season) or an exotic Hermes clutch (any)? In this example, we use the Chanel Bottle Bag and exotic Kelly Pochette, but feel free to consider any other limited edition Chanel piece or exotic Hermes clutch for your answer!

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FullSizeRender 279

Chanel Bottle Bag ~ @PurseBop

FullSizeRender 281

Exotic Kelly Pochette ~ @eudostyle

Top of the Line

Hermes Birkin vs. Chanel Maxi Classic Flap

The Birkin is one of Hermes’ most exclusive, coveted, and costly bags. Likewise, the Classic Flap is Chanel’s most iconic, desired bag and the maxi size is the most expensive in the range. If we’re considering these bags as each brand’s top of the line, “flagship” bag, which would you ultimately choose?

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FullSizeRender 282

Hermes Birkin ~ @kugzz

FullSizeRender 280

Chanel Maxi Classic Flap ~ @mimider

Published: August 6th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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