PurseBop’s Top 10 Bags for Summer 2017


We’re halfway into 2017, and with summer officially starting on June 20, PurseBop found it fitting to spend a little time investigating the top 10 bags for the summer! After taking Instagram, BopTalk, and blog posts into account, alongside new trends, we’ve carefully picked 10 bags that we think are well-deserving accomplices for the summer sun! Read on to discover the 10 below…

*Just so you know, this list is no particular order! If you want more info on the bags listed, click the links (below each description) and photos .


Hermès Constance

The Constance is undeniably having a moment right now. The elegant bag, toted by fashionistas from Jackie O. to Chiara Ferragni, has been around for over half a century, but it’s no less relevant than it was in 1959—especially since H put the Constance back in production last year. Last week, we posted a comprehensive article on 8 reasons we adore the Constance—and what’s not to love, really? It’s the perfect crossbody for your summer travels.


Hermès Kelly

Okay, so we know what you’re thinking. The Kelly is a true classic, vying with the Birkin for the title of ultimate Holy Grail Bag, but what makes it special for summer? Let’s face it—the Kelly is always in. This is especially true for summer. (And particularly the case for this matte bleu paon alligator retourné Kelly 35 from the Christie’s summer auction, evoking sunny days by the sea.) The shoulder strap makes the Kelly not only a classic, but also an easy on-the-go HGB for all of your summer essentials.


Gucci Marmont

Under the guidance of their new creative director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci debuted a fresh and funky look last year. The Gucci Marmont, one of our top 10 bags of 2016, embraces this fun vibe and carries it into summer. It’s a beautiful flap bag that is a little reminiscent of the Chanel Classic Flap. However, the Marmont is about half the price and has a more playful look for those looking to add an edgy touch to their look!


Gucci Sylvie

In the mode of playful elegance, another standout Gucci design is the Sylvie. The beautiful Sylvie is a compact shoulder bag with striking elements like a gilded buckle closure and a signature Gucci-colored ribbon tied to its chain. With its bold colors and fun silhouette, the Sylvie would be the perfect addition to any summer outfit.


Chloé Nile

  • The Nile, from Chloé’s Spring 2017 collection, is the French maison’s newest “big hit” bag. It’s not hard to see why the Nile has already been listed as one of Business Insider’s “most popular bags of the summer.” The Nile is a small, on-the-go bag with an adjustable and removable leather strap; it can be worn long-shoulder, cross-body, or in the hand as a clutch (via the large bracelet top-handle). Already a celeb favorite, the Nile, with its fun design and equestrian allure, is sure to become even more popular as the summer progresses.
  • Chloé’s Newest Hit: The Nile Bag

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia Ark Clutch

Inspired by a traditional Japanese picnic bag, the Ark clutch really lives up to its brand’s name: it’s become a cult favorite. It’s hard to scroll through Instagram, or any fashion blog for that matter, and not spot this Cult Gaia bag. Made from lightweight bamboo, the Ark clutch adds a refreshing, natural touch to any summer look and is perfect for a lazy stroll or picnic.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Large Shopper Tote

A sturdy carryall for summer, the Saint Laurent Large Shopper Tote is an easy way to make errands chic. In the past, we’ve named it one of 15 totes that are perfect for travel, and we stand by that designation. The smooth lines and magnetic snap closure make this Saint Laurent tote perfect for any summery, jet-setting lifestyle.


Chanel Gabrielle

Chanel’s first big bag launch in three seasons is still making headlines. The Gabrielle bag, debuted this spring, boasts all the iconic Chanel details like quilted leather and a big CC emblem on the zipper. There’s still booming hype around the Gabrielle through big celebrity campaigns, word of mouth, and general social media buzz. It’s a new Chanel favorite that’s sure to have staying power that outlasts the summer.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Masters LV x Koons Neverfull

In the new “Masters” collab with Jeff Koons, Louis Vuitton has embraced both creativity and tradition. LV x Koons has taken iconic paintings and transformed them into modern art via purses. The collection has been pretty controversial since we first posted about it in April, but regardless of your stance, it’s hard to deny the strange but jubilant blend of purposeful kitsch and art-world sanctity. This Van Gogh Neverfull from the collab is a particularly fun, season-appropriate bag that will tote around your summer necessities in style.


Dior J’Adior Flap Bag

When the J’Adior collection came out in the spring, it made quite the splash. Maria Grazia Chiuri said of her collection, “Of course heritage is important, but I want to move this house forward…” J’Adior is a bold testament to that statement. Combining this adventurousness with a subdued neutral color, the off-white calfskin J’Adior flap bag is an ideal purse for summer. With a detachable metal chain, the bag can be worn to an afternoon shopping trip or to an evening event. PurseBop predicts that this trendy (but still fairly traditional) Dior bag will soon become a summer favorite.

Which bag would you most want to tote around with you in the dog days of summer? Share your favorite summertime bags with us on BopTalk!

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