A Happy Diorever Review

by BopTalk Celebrity HappyBaggage

If there is anything that never gets old for me at the fashion shows, it is that amazing feeling, in the one millisecond just as the lights dim, when the impossibly noisy hall hushes to an incredible vacuum, before the spot falls on the opening look. The anticipation of what the new season holds, the want to see newness, eyes on the runway – as well as on Suzy Menkes (before you read what was on her mind after) – simply thrill. (It is not the same through live streaming, nor looking through the slideshow of looks after, nor the showroom visit.)

Raf Simons sent his models down the SS2016 runway show (his final one for the House) with the Diorever bag – It did not make a massive impression the first time I saw it. But I wanted to see newness. And I did. The reviews read generally ok, although some critics were fast to reference it to the Birkin. I tend to think that the first initial feelings (positive or negative) towards any new collection may not necessarily hold to the end. At least not until you have had the chance to hold the product in your hands, and ask yourself if you must take her home.

I held that thought, and the first deliveries of the collection came through to the store five months on. This narrative is not about the RTW (Ready to Wear), so let’s focus on the Diorever bag. I liked the bag. I found the construction interesting, and very clever (Read: PurseBop’s story on the bag construction). Everything I have read or heard, of the basis of comparison between the Diorever and Birkin, dissipated. They are really quite different, from the aesthetics to the construction. I did not rush into bringing the bag home though. I am petite, so I prefer small bags. I had my eye on the mini only, and decided to wait to see all the available colours first, at the risk of the earlier previewed colours selling out. I am happy that I waited, as the Yves Klein Blue I eventually chose is very stunning on the bag style. This is despite the colour being the exact shade as my Blue Electric Birkin 30.

Here a couple of user observations to share after taking my mini Diorever out for the past days :

  • Carrying the bag as a top handle tote – Two ways of wear:
    • (1) Bag Flap Closed
    • (2) Bag Open  i.e. flapback, where the flap goes over the top handles and clips to the back via the magnetic snaps.

I think the mini Diorever looks dainty and very ladylike when carried top handle style. However, there is the initial inconvenience of bending the top handles through the cut-out on the flap, if you wish to carry the bag open (flapback). The bag looks different either way, but even in the flapback mode, there is an additional internal flap at the bag opening to prevent spillage or theft. Very well thought out.

  • Carrying the bag shoulder slinging the bag, or as a crossbody:

The detachable shoulder strap has five adjustable notches, so that there is the option to shoulder sling, or wear it as a crossbody. Do note that the strap is to be applied to an inconspicuous hook on each side of the back panel of the bag, so it has a slight forward tilt when shoulder slung. It sits perfect otherwise when slung crossbody. To mitigate the tilt, snap the side buttons close, these buttons are located at the top of each side of the bag. It gives the bag a different look again, but note that the capacity of the bag is then reduced for this mini.

Words can only articulate that many differences, so I have taken the following series of pictures to share. I have taken a few what’s in my bag pictures to give you sense of capacity. I also took a few Diorever versus Birkin 30 comparison pictures for size reference and color reference.






Yves Klein Blue Mini Diorever versus Blue Electric Birkin 30

I’ve given you my detailed review, and truly couldn’t be more happy (P.S. Only if #happylovesithappywearsit). I’ve shared. Now you decide for yourself.



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Published: April 9th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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