10 Hot Bags That Need to be on Your Radar

Late last year, PurseBop composed a list of the 10 Hottest “It” Bags of the Moment. Of course, time passes and the flavor and mood of the bag world changes quickly. Now we have another round of up-and-coming favorites and potential “it” bags that you should have your eye on!

Check out the list below and decide if you want to add any of these bags to your wishlist!

Dior Diorever

Although the Diorever initially received criticism for being a Birkin Copycat, it is now being appreciated as a standout bag that fashionistas are dying to get their hands on. Compared to Dior’s other bags, the Diorever has a very bold, contemporary look. The reversible flap is one the Diorever’s most unique  features.

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Chanel Airlines Vanity Case

The Chanel Vanity Case is just different, but yet so familiar. The ingenuity of turning the concept of a vanity into a bag instantly draws you in. The Vanity Case has a vintage look but executed in the chicest way possible. Furthermore, the Airlines collection has been one of Chanel’s most popular seasons in recent times. The Vanity Case exemplifies the Airlines themes and is a novelty bag with a true function.

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Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag

What’s not to love about Saint Laurent? Their monogram style is hugely popular with the Wallet on Chain, and now people seem to be craving the  ‘YSL’ signature in bigger forms especially with the Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag. The shift of popularity from the WOC to the shoulder bag is evidence of newer trends favoring bigger bags instead of mini bags.

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Fendi Dotcom

The Fendi Peekaboo has been a popular “it” bag the past few years, and now the Fendi Dotcom just might join its ranks. The Fendi Dotcom may look pretty minimal at first glance. However, its simplicity and sleekness is its best selling point. Fendi really experimented with the Dotcom’s bag functionality as well. It has a removable pouch inside that can double as a clutch.

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Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily

Top Handle Bags have been really in this year. The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag is classic and charming! It often comes in Italian inspired patterns and is a piece of art in itself. This is bag is great for anyone who likes a more traditional looking bag.

Givenchy Horizon

The Horizon Bag is a one of Givenchy’s latest styles from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. After the runway show, this bag received a lot of hype and is bound to get more attention in the upcoming months. The Horizon Bag has a really simple structure and straight lines. The wide, horizontal bar across the top is its main focus point. The Givenchy Horizons seems to have taken a little inspiration from the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, which also takes a little inspiration from the Birkin Bag.

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Dior Stardust Backpack

The Dior Stardust bag is from the Fall/Winter 16-17 collection, and it is a huge standout because of its backpack inspired features. Dior describes the Stardust as a bag with “urban attitude that meets Dior’s couture spirit.” It is meant to have a casual feel and streetstyle look, but also has all an element of glam with its sequins and embroideries.

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Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag

The Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag was also labeled as a Birkin Copycat when it was first discovered. Nonetheless, it continues to be a highly admired bag. It has a very sophisticated look and will be the perfect staple for anyone who needs a bag that can transition from work, travel, and everyday purposes.

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Gucci Marmont

The Gucci Dionysus made our last “it” bag list.  We have another Gucci favorite joining the list now! The Gucci Marmont bag is another hot bag that you need to put on your radar. The Dionysus and Marmont have similar features with their trapezoidal shapes and sliding chains. The Marmont’s most distinctive feature is its huge ‘GG’ buckle.

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Celine Belt Bag

The Celine Belt bag is a very simple, minimalistic bag that is flawlessly executed. The Belt on the bag can be tucked in or worn over the bag depending on what look you want. Even though it hasn’t received the same recognition as other Celine bags like the Luggage Tote and Trapeze bag, it is slowly being picked up as a crowd favorite.

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After seeing some of the picks, do you have an instant crush on any? Do you think any other bags are candidates for making the list?

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Published: June 25th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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  • The Chanel vanity case looks like a lunch box. Can’t get it out of my mind. I’m a Chanel lover but I’m not feelin this bag at all.