The Best of PurseBop 2015

It’s been an action packed year here on PurseBop. From the launch of our new platform BopTalk and reaching the milestone of 100k followers on @purseboppicks, the PurseBop family has come together in huge ways. With 2016 approaching, we hope to grow our community even more and continue our fashion journey together.

Let’s reflect back on an amazing year with a top 10 highlight reel: The Best of PurseBop 2015…


Shopping for handbags is a game of strategy, and PurseBop invented “Handbag Math” to help you with the process. WHEN and WHERE you buy a bag greatly impacts the price and potential savings. Take a closer look at how handbag math works!

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The Hermes Mini bag craze soared this year, and PurseBop made it her mission to investigate why. PurseBop even became a member of the H mini family herself with her Birkin 25 “Koohinor Diamond”. Get to know her and explore why PurseBop is so mini obsessed!

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We love just simply looking at handbags, but we can’t forget that they hold our lives together. PurseBop challenged you to show what’s IN your bag, and you all shared your daily essentials and secret beauty weapons. Take a closer look at what your PurseBop family members love to tote around!

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PurseBop documented her whole trip to France this year to further investigate the price disparities between US and Europe. The four fashionistas on the trip, including PurseBop, shared their hauls and shopping processes in each chapter of the series. See reveals from Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and VCA along with extensive price chart breakdowns in each fashionista’s segment.

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Prologue: Shopping in France Adventures
Chapter 1: Hermes Versus Chanel Prices in the US and France
Chapter 2: Louis Vuitton or Chanel – Which is the Better Deal in France?
Chapter 3: Taste of Laduree, Dash of Dior and a Full Serving of Chanel
Chapter 4: Double Fisted with Chanel and Dior in Monte Carlo
Chapter 5: Luxury Brands VCA and Hermes Adjust Prices for Devalued Euro
Chapter 6: How It Works – VAT Refund and Custom Duties
Chapter 7: The Hermes Boot Mission
Chapter 8: Mom needs to make some (Hermes, Chanel, VCA) memories!


PurseBop has been on a big Hermes kick this year. We love each and every H bag, but the Birkin obsession and the #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy feelings run the strongest. The Hermes Kelly bag has taken the spotlight the last few months, and a few members of our IG family shared their Sellier versus Retourne style preferences – see what they have to say!

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BopTalk is the newest destination for fashion conversation! You all have filled BopTalk with handbag advice, reveals, questions, and more. Meet the members of the BopTalk family and see their personal style on the threads.

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The devaluing euro has caused certain brands to re-articulate their financial strategies. Chanel made the dramatic move of increasing prices in Europe and decreasing prices in other regions. Hermes declined to follow Chanel’s lead. See how Hermes prices line up in the global economy and how they intend to pledge loyalty to their consumers in this feature.

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April 8th was a momentous day in the bag world this year. This day marks the shift of Chanel’s pricing scheme in an attempt to harmonize prices globally. PurseBop was one of the first to report the news. Read the updated prices and implications of the change in the feature.

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After the price shifts, the experience of shopping for Chanel abroad completely changed. Read Elizabeth’s Paris shopping story to get a feel of the real life consequences of Chanel’s financial move.

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As far as bag trends this year, the name of the game was MINI. We saw mini bags take over every brand. However, nothing quite compares to the Chanel mini family. PurseBop did all her research on the Chanel mini sizes in an extensive reference guide with comparison pictures, prices, and mini bag advice.

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Cheers to an incredible year. 2016, PurseBop is ready for you!

What was your favorite PurseBop story from 2015? Share in the conversation on BopTalk.

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Published: December 29th, 2015
Updated: May 28th, 2017

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  • I agree with it all, but I’d also add the Boptalk Celebrities and the Boys will be Boys to the list ? I never get tired of them (BT celebs and Boys ?❤️)! ❤️❤️???