Master of all Masters

PurseBop takes you through her own ‘handbag version’ of the Masters Golf tournament. Come meet the 2013 Champion: Chanel So Black.

Plaid Anyone?

PurseBop honors Scotland Week (a week long celebration of Scotland from the

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…

Polly says… Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Which Chanel shade will go??? Love PurseBop XO

Chanel POPS

After a long stroll down M street in Georgetown and a hefty

Serious Case of Monday Blues…

Tis the season of fur, and not just any fur…sky blue fur.

Chanel Goes Global

Just stumbled upon a New York Times review of Chanel’s Fall/Winter (‘13/’14)

I Can’t Live Without: Chanel Chain Around Maxi

I absolutely Love Chanel classics, but for busy ‘run around times’ this

The Chanel Hula ‘Oops’ Bag

What has Chanel critics in a frenzy: The most talked-about item on

PurseBop Has The Midas Touch

Magazines and online websites are featuring toe baring sandals, vibrant neon jelly

“Mirror mirror on the wall, which Chanel will attend the ball…”

PurseBop’s Pick for her own OSCARS night ensemble: Live reveal Chanel ‘mirrors’ mademoiselle reissue