Karlito’s Swinging Celebration!

Good evening friends, Welcome to the first of a tripartite series.  

Swinging Celebration

  It’s a PARTY!!     For those of you who have

Chanel Salzberg Métiers d’Art

Photo courtesy: Chanel THE FILM: “Reincarnation” You have Cara Delevingne’s vocals, breathtaking costumes

CHANEL giveaways @PursebopPicks

Calling all FASHIONISTAS: Let’s play a little “Ring Around the Roses…’ @PurseBopPicks

NYT Gives Us a Clear Chanel view…

This quippy expose  was sent to me by one of my readers

PurseBop Named Instagram’s Handbag Celebrity

NEWS: @pursebop was named an Instagram Handbag Celebrity! I’m so proud, I

Accessories For Your Accessories

It’s called the Karlito Bug Bag keychain… From Boy Bags to Bag


Louis Vuitton celebrates the iconic Monogram by inviting six renowned and creative Iconoclasts to participate in


What a run so far! While I’m not the biggest football aficionado

Chanel SOARS…

Over the past few years, prices in the luxury goods market have

PurseBop’s Chanel Championship

We’ve come a LONG way…. The ‘ELITE EIGHT’ paired down to the

PurseBop’s FINAL FOUR Madness

The ELITE EIGHT are now the FINAL FOUR! Let’s recap March Madness so far…

March Madness PurseBop Style…

Each March, the NCAA holds the Division I college basketball championship, where

Team Chanel for the SWEEP

WINTER has a whole new meaning this year! It seems every day

The Coco Legend Continues…

One of the Paris -Dallas moments that will forever be etched into

Love Letter from Chanel to Neiman Marcus…

It’s 6:22 am in Dallas, Texas… I report to you just moments

Team USA: Kickin’ it with PurseBop

As the snow begins to fall, I find myself thinking of the

Coco’s “Return” to Dallas…

PurseBop is getting really excited about maestro Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming Métiers d’Art show

PurseBop And The BRITS Are On The Same Page…

When it comes to fashion, no one is as COOL as COCO

Won’t You Take me to…HAWKey Town

The puck drops tonight for game one of Lord Stanley’s Cup! The Kings are

Done with the Wings and on to the Kings…

The city’s energy is palpable in anticipation of game one of the

Stay Strong, Boston…

As a mother, sister, and daughter I cannot begin to imagine the

Plaid Anyone?

PurseBop honors Scotland Week (a week long celebration of Scotland from the


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