Part I: The Hermes Reveal of Miss BopTalk

Today I begin my reveal story, the story of a very special Hermes bag that I call ‘miss BopTalk”. Join me on an Hermes adventure…

Saying NO to a Birkin is hard to do…

Imagine a handbag version of “he loves me, he loves me not.” I did this throughout the night…

Simply Me… says, SwedishandStylish

Our favorite IG girl shares her fashion inspirations and journey… We are privileged to introduce Boptalk Celebrity @swedishandstylish…

Round TwentyThree of #PurseBopPicks

Our @PurseBopPicks instagram is the official place to share your passion for handbags and the fabulous shots you take of them. We want to inspire you to take CREATIVE shots of your fabulous ‘baggies’ and share with like minded fashionistas! The finalists have been chosen, come VOTE for your favorite shot!!

The Holy Grail Bag

What’s your Holy Grail Bag?

Falling In Love with Hermes

Hermes expert LeOrangeBliss shares her journey and passion with the luxury brand and offers advice.

The Many Shades of Hermes…

What shade will your next BIRKIN be!!?

Hermes in the Global Economy

Maybe we should start buying our Hermes in Paris??

Part V: Hermes Special Orders

We take a closer look at the Hermes process of custom ordering a handbag. This is Part V of our continuing coverage of PurseBop’s Hermes Week.

No Kelly for You

“No Kelly For You” is a hilarious comparison of Seinfeld’s “No Soup for You” episodes to the ‘art & stress’ of buying an Hermes bag.

Part IV: Hermes Bags and Travel

  Part I: The Hermes Kelly Retrieval Part II: The Hermes Learning Process Part

Part III: Does the Hermes Kelly Trump the Birkin?

Part I: The Hermes Kelly Retrieval Part II: The Hermes Learning Process

Hermes: The Kelly & flânerie

Is it possible Hermes heard of ‘OUR’ Kelly obsession, because Hermes introduces the

Part II: The Hermes Learning Process

  Part I: The Hermes Kelly Retrieval  Miss Noir slept comfortably untouched

Birkin vs Kelly FaceOff

  My Hermes guru and TPF friend Chi Town Chanel and I

To Kelly, or not to Kelly?

An obsession has overcome me in recent months and it’s not the

Attempted Hermes Reveal for SuperBowl XLIX

In keeping with PurseBop’s SuperBowl tradition and in honor of celebrating my

Super Bag XLVIII

Following the interview,  and in celebration of my Birkin Anniversary, I’ll repost the

PurseBop Meets the Birkin Fairy

I recently sat down for an interview with The Birkin Fairy, Hermes aficionado​, expert​ and owner of the website

Hermes Beach Treasures…

From snow to sand…     Happiness is Sunday morning on the


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